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  1. congrtulations you are the queen of brazilian feederism
  2. she is 5'11" tall and 275 pounds
  3. unfortunately she lost a lot of weight and she didn't lost weight of good way she looks sad and sick
  4. she is 5'6" tall and 231 pounds last month
  5. Bianca Mendes is a new brazilian plus size model she is only 21 years old, with 5'9" tall and 242 pounds now she has a big butt of almost 60 inches she is blonde with green eyes
  6. congratulations to your gaining weight process in your videos you eat a lot of food, how is your daily diet off media? what are the pleasures about your weight gain? do you think about reach 200kg? sorry my poor english, but your beauty is very rich
  7. she is weighing 308 pounds now, with 5'9" tall
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