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  1. OlayTheDay

    2019 Predictions Thread

    Get this woman a free pass to every pizzeria in America! But seriously though...I've been waiting for her to get pregnant just so she can have a good weight gain.
  2. OlayTheDay

    2019 Predictions Thread

    1. Gotta agree with @Brenda here...I do think Katy Perry will gain this year. Now with the engagement and a rumor of plans for children soon, I think 15 is a good guess, assuming she does get pregnant this year. Honestly would have said 20, but I'm not sure Katy has the discipline in her diet to bulk up that much (unless she takes her love of pizza to another level in 2019), regardless of whether that pregnancy I'm hoping for does happen. So...we're counting on you, Orlando??? 2. Going out on a limb here with no knowledge, but I'll say Eva Longoria. I'll say 10 pounds. Just call this my bold prediction of the year. 3. Also making another blindfold guess and saying that Amy Schumer keeps the baby weight and adds 10 pounds. Wish me luck with all of these predictions!
  3. OlayTheDay

    Jessica Simpson

    This pregnancy was one I didn't know I needed, but am definitely enjoying
  4. OlayTheDay

    Ashley Graham

    This blessed my feed several days ago 😂
  5. OlayTheDay

    Kate Perry

    I saw her in another video of her performing Dark Horse and I noticed her belly chub easily showing in that catsuit. Nonetheless, gotta love that while not pencil-thin, she's got enough going on in her thighs, waist, etc. that she's really got decent-ish curves. Thankfully, she has at least 3 more concerts and/or private shows I the next two weeks, so there is more to be seen. On top of that, I think she's also in the midst of Idol auditions too, even though we won't see much of her there until next March. It's a perfect time for her to take advantage of her love for pizza
  6. OlayTheDay

    Kate Upton

    Loving this pregnancy doing it's work on her body...the only thing missing is a photoshoot where she sets that belly (and the boobs too...in a teasingly fitting way) free.
  7. OlayTheDay

    Kelly Clarkson

    Took me a while to be sure of it, but sadly looks like she's lost weight. Saw some recent pics on Instagram and her waist looks smaller than ever. Had to come back to this thread and verify and fair enough, at least two people here saw it coming.
  8. OlayTheDay

    Tyra Banks

    Not sure how much she's tipped the scale since the last post, but look who got their hands on the spicy this week... Also, from 17:50 on, you'll see a good few scenes of her sides, booty, and full body. I did the fast forwarding for you all to make it easy.
  9. OlayTheDay

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Well....she does have one small tat on the side of one of her lower legs, but because it's Lucy we're talking about here...
  10. OlayTheDay

    Chrissy Teigen

    1. My goodness...those breasts look mesmerizingly BIG in that first pic 2. I felt it was fake, but is that IG post any kind of real? I fear some doubt creeping up on me. 3. The clothes are making her look slightly thicker and wider in this recent gallery of shots 4. All I have to say is...she's had the best, if not one of the best pregnancies to enjoy in recent memory
  11. OlayTheDay

    Ashley Graham

    As long as the legs and thighs have some nice, chunky features, I won't panic. Also, the worst kept secret in photo shoots, a.k.a. Photoshop, means I view these professional pics with a grain of salt.
  12. Holy macrel...I'm never sleeping on another Curvage thread again
  13. OlayTheDay

    Bebe Rexha

    I'm loving this gain...forget the rest of the girls, Bebe was best dressed with those curves stretching her out!!
  14. OlayTheDay

    Demi Lovato

    That swimsuit is looking rather...tight, you think?
  15. OlayTheDay

    Eva Longoria

    As much as I loathed DH when it was on the air, she was one of my first celeb crushes growing up, only she faded over time because my preferences changed. I never thought she'd grow any bigger, but if this pregnancy does its magic and she doesn't try and work it off after popping, I could get used to her again...