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  1. Yeah I haven't been on much for years, but the site is better than ever
  2. I'll take a good chunk of the credit
  3. Here's some i made real fast on my phone
  4. 195 sounds quite high to me, even 108 resting does.
  5. Psychologically, I like how they give in to temptation and just accept they're fat and will get fatter. Physically it's almost everything, really. Love seing outgrown clothes and love how fat makes their previously uninteresting body parts become attractive.
  6. To be fair, this kind of like sistem's been around only since curvage upgraded. So what, 2 years? But anyway, yeah, continue posting at will. I'd probably do it all in a single thread, but it's ok.
  7. They let a whale free 😁
  8. What the fuck, I'd never heard of that. Sad
  9. Ever thought about doing this at the beach? 😁
  10. I guess cause Greece was lit as fuck with them forest fires a few days back.
  11. Heart and Mind


    Uncharted 2 is fantastic! I mainly play either that or Fallout 3/4, and usually do a few seasons on Football Manager now and then.
  12. Happened to me as well. It's a bit weird
  13. Well you do live up to your name Them sad feelings seeing wilan and moby jones here though...
  14. Damn that's a lot of repetition. Nevermind the fact i've never heard of any of those
  15. I think i saw her on FF. Can't remember the name though
  16. That's just not true, mate... she's looking huge in some recent stuff
  17. not sure what you're talking about, everything's looking fine from here
  18. Heart and Mind


  19. 'Laura the foodie' https://**.com/index?/category/824-laura_the_foodie
  20. That's a great one. If you have more of that standard, please post!
  21. Maybe it could be something automatic. Instead of the poster having to mark their own post as contribution, any new post by the OP would be marked as such. Would admittedly work much better for the Curvage member sections than the rest.
  22. And another. Most candids I have are at the beach, so with time i'll keep posting.
  23. Another girl. One of the pics is incredibly thin, but who wants to see the dude anyway. Would have been better if he wasn't blocking her side.
  24. A few more. Some pics are smaller since they were zoomed but i still think they're acceptable.
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