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  1. Got a favorite scene? it's 50minutes long, it seems to be about a beauty pageant?
  2. Okay so someone posted one episode from this channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SyndicadoReality/search?query=bootcamp but are any of the others good? if so which ones? same question here? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9NvrwjzSrIHzpPMRQXZ-A/search?query=Bulging+Brides I just feel like maybe these direct links might encourage more discussion and save me the trouble of personally watching youtube for 4hours and only having 10minutes of it be any good
  3. How many warning points is a lot? Is 1 warning point a lot of warning points or a little? I just realized my 1 warning point from 3 years ago is set to never expire. So I'm wondering, is 1 warning point a lot of them? Or not that a lot? I actually figured my warning might have maybe expired by now. Although it makes sense that it wouldn't. I actually don't understand the warning system very well, and wasn't actually aware I could view my own list of warnings on my profile until today. I was clicking around my profile randomly and noticed the feature. edit: I'm aware that the number 1 is a small number, but, in say baseball, 1 strike is actually a LOT of strikes because it's three strikes you're out. In basketball 1 point is not very many because basketball games usually have 70-140 points scored per team. etc. edit2: In case the point of this thread isn't clear. I'm just curious. How thin of ice am I on? If I committed a minor rules violation would I be instantly gone because I have a prior on my record? Or might 3 years of following rules maybe buy me a second chance after a second minor rules violation? That sort of thing.
  4. Are there any eating scenes? Sumo's supposedly eat a lot right? Or is it just like a normal movie with a silly plot?
  5. This one was actually great. wish it was in english!
  6. Whoa, apparently american dad is still on the air? I swear that show used to be a highly quality source of fat girl's appearing on actual tv. I lost interest in the overall show many years ago though.. anyone been watching all along? we been missing anything here in this thread?
  7. It's hard to say, but, well, it seems like after the midway point of the episode the plotline expands. Not just the main character wants to get fat, lots of other girls at the school want to get fat and by the end of the episode there's some sort of fat girl theatre production. I think the actresses playing the characters who are thin are changed to different actresses to portray the fat version of said girl. So, well, without speaking russian I can't even keep straight which character is which, or well any of the episode. It's a shame I can't find the transcript of the subtitles, I know like major tv shows in the us you can google up subtitle files pretty easily. Maybe this is also true of russian shows, but the russian subtitles of the russian tv shows probably appear on russian subtitles sites (that I cannot read, so I cannot find them).
  8. Anyone know where to get a subtitle file for this episode? or another copy with them built in? It's kinda hard to follow in a language I don't speak, that's what was so great about the 3minute clip, it had english subtitles.
  9. Did that muffin top movie ever get leaked? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2369600/ apparently it's real! I thought it was fake parody trailer. ah found it, it's included with amazon prime https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B00P7PGP66
  10. I went to my profile and changed my email address to be the same as it already is/was I got a new confirmation email, I opened it, I clicked validate, the error message is now gone.
  11. I am getting emails from curvage daily, the emails are showing up fine, I'm reading them. I followed a link from a fresh email from curvage to arrive at curvage and see this new error. I am forwarding the emails from my publicly given out email to my secret true email, but I logged in to both email accounts and the curvage emails exist and are readable in both accounts. (So I don't see how this detail could be effecting things?)
  12. I am getting my emails just fine, yet I'm seeing an error on curvage saying I'm not? A little confusing to see this error, just after having received an email. Maybe this is a hotmail/outlook problem? Wondering if I have to do anything at all though, since the error isn't true.. Below is the message: Emails that we send to you are being returned to us. If our emails continue to bounce, we will stop sending emails to you and require you to update your email address.
  13. namad

    Katy Mixon

    mirrored to imgur to embed it? did this work? might have reduced quality? (was low to begin with) https://imgur.com/a/e4lJmb1 https://imgur.com/FYTPdVL https://i.imgur.com/FYTPdVL.mp4 okay I don't know how embeds work.
  14. namad

    Trisha Paytas

    whoa is that cw thing real? or just a joke? I assume it's a joke because she's a pretty bad actor?
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