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    Loved this clip!! The role play was on point!! Watching you in that dress and letting your belly out was so hot 🥵 the slow mos were on point. Loved how you stripped down and showed off. You’re so underrated can’t wait for more content to come 😊
    Wow what a video!! As my first purchase from you, I’m already a fan of you! Loved how you made your role play in this video! It was so hot watching you express your gain 🥵 and watching you reveal your weight like OMG!! Then you just tease and tease down and show off your belly rolls and jiggle all over 😍 I’ll happily put this clip as an absolute favorite of mine to watch. You’re so underrated as I’ll certainly be purchasing more from you in the future thank you!!
  1. My favorite clip of all time is “Make Me Fatter” It’s so hot the way you moan and talk in the clip about how much fatter you want to get. That belly is so mesmerizing to watch you jiggle and slap every bit of it! It’s so hard to watch and last the entire video, it’s so hot!! 🥵 I can watch this video over and over again and it never gets old! ☺️
  2. Do you keep your fetish a secret from loved ones? And what is your most desirable place to put weight on?
    Wow Princessjules continues to amaze!!! This has got to be one of her best yet. Loved seeing those tights nets shred so easily and how your fat spilled through it was 🥵. It’s amazing how much weight you’ve put on!! You guys are missing out on this!!
    Wow this video is certainly worth getting you continue impressing everybody! You’ve gotten so much bigger since the last time. 😍 love the new edits and theme for this video. That makes an easy 10/10. Can’t wait for whatever else you bring to your next videos!!
    Wow!!! Mochii has done enough to impress anybody. Can’t believe all the challenges you’ve done. It’s so hot to watch you grow 🥵That was a crazy gain!! The body tour was amazing!!! You guys are missing out!! This is a must buy 10/10
    An absolute masterpiece!! Couldn’t keep my eyes off of Princessjules. She’s gotten chunkier in all right places 😍. Watch as she stuffs down her snacks and play with her belly. Then a few mins in you see how much fatter she actually is as the previews don’t do justice as the video is the way to go. She also shows off her belly and body too!! This video is hands down an easy 10/10. You guys are missing out!!
    Wow amazing!! Can’t believe what I’ve seen 😍 loved how you stuffed your belly and ate and jiggled your way through an entire pizza!! 10/10 must see guys
    Once again Princessjules does not disappoint. Watch her struggle to put on some clothes she has outgrown in the past as she rips and pops out of with her flab. You hear her struggle as she is out of breath. You can see how much she has gotten bigger and how much jigglier her flab has become. Can’t wait for what’s next that she’s going to bring to us. She is so underrated guys and you are missing out!! This is easily one of the hottest clips she has done 🥵.
    Amazing!!! This video is easily one of my favorites, you can really tell that belly just wants to hang. Watch how Princessjules chug and do amazing belly slaps/play and when she jiggles it , it’s so hard too hot to pass on 🥵 You guys are really missing out and it’s something not to skip on. Can’t believe how soft you’ve become and always excited for what you’ll bring to us ☺️ Thank you!!!
    Wow!!! Amazing to be trapped in the cell lol. Watch as you eat donuts, jiggle, twerk, belly play, and show off!! Everything was so hot!!! 🥵 You guys are missing out!!! Can’t wait to see what’s more to come!!
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