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    Wow where to start. The role play is amazing. The way kellijellibelli talks is spot on. She’s grown so much and the way she shows how much bigger, soft, and jiggly she is. This clip not worth missing out 🥵this is one of her best. Easy 10/10
    Wow your weight is super hot. Your body is plumped and shaped to perfection! Everything is sagging, hanging, and jiggling along with a cute face 🥵 You’ve grown so much throughout the year the scale doesn’t lie. Can’t wait for you to reach your goal weight. Hoping you can surpass it and the near future and maybe reach 250 perhaps 🐷🙈 you guys are missing out.
  1. I did a rogo on your last rogo and still haven’t received a reply in your dm 😔
    Wow you don’t fail to impress. You’ve created a masterpiece. You’re so jiggly now that belly hang and muffin top is so hot 🥵.
    Omg you’re so big it’s amazing you’ve really packed on the pounds. 🥵 love the belly play yall are missing out
    Wow this clip is amazing!! The way you spoke and jiggled your body was just too 🥵 it’s difficult to finish the video lol. Y’all are missing out. Glad you’re back!
    Wow your belly is just too much 🥵 the jiggles were on point and fat chat. You guys are missing out!
    I love your content you’ve become much bigger 🥵 love the talks, belly play, and angles. Easily a favorite clip!
    Oh wow what a 🥵 video. Such a growing cow you’ve become. This video has everything the jiggles, angles, and that big juicy belly and dump truck. Y’all are missing out!
    This clip was too hot to handle. Risquereds is looking mad plump and round 🥵 you guys are missing out.
    Wow what a return from sexysabrina, she lives up to her name. This clip has everything and the belly jiggles/hang were amazing, she’s become so doughy 🥵. The way she showcases herself hits different 🙌🏻 She’s plumped up so nicely on her return, she makes Michelin tire look bad. This clip is amazing and it’s a must buy, you guys are missing out on some amazing content 🤧Sexysabrina is by far the most underrated model on this site, you guys need to check her out. I’m glad you’ve returned with a banger of a clip, I can’t wait for you to produce some more mesmerizing content, keep up the good work and keep that belly hanging 😁
    Wow as my first purchase from you, this is the hottest video on curvage. The way you talked so dirty and jiggled yourself was just amazing!! It was so good I couldn’t finish 🥵 simply too hot to handle 10/10
    Wow you’re so fluffy 🤤 can’t believe how much you’ve grown. Everything about you is so doughy 😍 10/10
    Just wow 🥵 you’ve become so doughy lately. It’s amazing how much you’ve grown since the start 😍 this video was amazing! Love the updates and jiggly showcase. 10/10
    Well what can I say this video was amazing!! The belly rolls and stuffing is so hot 🥵 all the angles and jiggles you did was something else 🤧
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