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  1. As a long time supporter of you babe...im horrified. I'm horrified that your greediness has tipped into uncontrollable appetite, to eat yourself to not just obesity but morbid obesity. Your tits and thighs are growing but your huge orb of blubber on your hanging growing belly is only matched by that cellulite filled ass that is growing without reason. Curvybaby is no longer....she's fatbaby ❤️
  2. Oh dear Nikki, what an obese hog you've been...and you tell me I'm morbidly obese? What about your growing fat slobby body? Now open wife so I can make you drink the cream you crave
  3. Ruby your body in red could be my newly found weak spot. Your latest vid is incredible, your growing fat body is incredible.....what I'd give for you to sit on me in that position whilst I feed you ❣️
  4. You're the sexiest mutual gainer in the world Nikki. Damnnnn you're hot
  5. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Shayna has been eating some if nias diet 😋😋
  6. Of course fatty....if you'd lay your belly on mine and feed me after 😈😈
  7. Mmmm oh no .... May as well not wear any. Would you sit on my belly and feed me now you're full of our junk food and cider 😋😋
  8. Of course babe....as long as you feed it to me
  9. That is incredibly hot Casey. Love the fat green mound peeking out. Fatty x
  10. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Mandy tonight on nxt...
  11. Only if you're happy to lotion my belly for me too x
  12. Well I'm fancying fried chicken and lots and lots of it! Sound good?? 😊
  13. We are sooo happy you're feeling better. We best start ordering the food in now If we are to pile on the fat together ❣️
  14. You look so soft. I'm a sucker for how pale your skin is. You're delightful x
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