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  1. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Was just going to say that. Her sexy belly rolls means her a and d from Lana day are not there on show. Love her gain. Also Becky face gain from her smack down title reign to last sunday
  2. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Can't see her taking bumps whilst pregnant. Genuinely looks a bit chubbier to me
  3. Lol at her fat gut pushing down the waistband
  4. Definitely and so has the thickness in her gut
  5. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Whoever told Nia to dress in those shorts either hates her or is a total fat admirer. Her thighs and huge fat gut in them 😍😍
  6. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Good lord Nia is so hot. These are poor quality screen grabs off Instagram from last night but wow her confidence and gut 🤩😍😍
  7. Oh wow look at her stretch marks on her hips and love handles. Not to mention that her boobs are already huge as we know and yet her gorgeous belly sticks out further than them. So hot
  8. Liamclarke

    Taylor Swift

    May have toned up a bit but my gosh those legs 😍
  9. People can say what they want but that's the fattest she's ever looked. Sexy as hell but genuinely fat
  10. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Good lord Nia is so fat
  11. No chance. Looks as fat as ever in her untouched pictures. Everyone looks slimmer laying down
  12. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Lol so would I given half the chance 😂😂
  13. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Wow Becky was sporting a much flabbier belly than I expected. So hot
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