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  1. Her lower belly looks huge in that
  2. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Jesus embers belly is soft
  3. Mmmmmm look at this cellulite
  4. Finally unphotoshopped images of her body sat down. Just as suspected she is fat. Big thick juicy double gut rolls and fat thighs. Don't care what anyone says but without the Photoshop and angles....she's as far as ever
  5. Please tell me you're joking?
  6. This is a big two fingers to everyone shouting down to people saying shes still as big as ever. Her belly is as big as it's ever been, thick flabby and hanging over her panties. She's glorious and hardly lost a pound
  7. Liamclarke

    Taylor Swift

    Oh goodness me Taylor 😍
  8. Liamclarke

    Kate Upton

    A couple from this past weekend
  9. I'm amazed the swing held her weight
  10. Holy shit she's gotten fat. Look at her gut 😋
  11. Liamclarke

    Leona Lewis

    Sorry for the opening of sn old thread but....she got really skinny recently but these bikini pics are from this week. Some serious chub going on here. The last 2 😍
  12. Liamclarke

    Kate Perry

    Loving her chunky belly and thighs
  13. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    I totally get that but still hot
  14. Liamclarke

    Female wrestlers

    Wow 13st at 5ft 8 has her bag in the middle of overweight
  15. Liamclarke

    Gemma Collins

    Can't stand her....but God she's hot
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