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  1. Thanks for highlighting Coastal Bunny. I like everything on the page not just Grandma's Cooking. The prose in the last panel posted was very Hot with Grandma taking control. Can't wait for the next part.
    Wonderful little video and So Worth the price. A terrific little body just exploding in FAT. And a sweet voice. The total package!
  2. If you like ice cream I recommend ice cream with milk and some Sweetened Condensed milk plus a small amount of heavy cream. Optional small amount of cake batter and Hershey's syrup. I have recipes for 6000 calories 12000 and a couple ladies actually did the 24000 version. Let me know if you would like the recipe for the smallest version. It is only a half pint of cream and you won't even know it's there. So glad to see you here looking so Beautiful and Plush and back on the gaining bandwagon.
  3. Today I went back to page one of this thread and went through Every Page. This Lady was hear in the earlier days. And she is one of the best ever! Do yourselves a favor and start on page One. It's an Amazing Experience!
  4. I wrote a so so story on FF based on the show and I made sure to include her in the first chapter. She is pure dynamite
  5. Always following you from day one I know you're not pushing nearly as hard. I was just saying that you must be closing in on some major milestones. My hope is that when those milestones arrive ( at a slower pace of course) that you will bless us with a " old school " weigh in and measurements video. Sorry I wasn't clear before. ❤
  6. There are milestones that certainly must be right around the corner. And I am hoping each will get a good old weigh in and measurement video. Triple your slimmest weight. Double your chubby starting weight as a Feedee. You do those So Well and I truly anticipate those soon.
  7. Jesus take the Wheel! OMG! How am I worthy of the first reaction. You really Are the best documented slim to FAT in the history of "This thing of ours ". Love you to pieces!
  8. There ain't a single square inch of you that is not Perfect. AND Thick as a Brick. You are Glorious
  9. You look great and congratulations. Best to post everything on one post. Look how the most popular ones post.One thread gets more attention. Welcome
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