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  1. The second exemple is interesting since it took place un the Calabar area, where there is a tradition of fattening women. You could add some episodes of the French or Russian Revolution, both led by women.
  2. Found it. The abstract reminds me of something already postes here. As assumed above, I just had to search the key word 'fat admirer' through the journal site. You need special access to ne able to read thé full text http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/hjsr20/current#/doi/full/10.1080/00224490802645302
  3. That is harsh to say. Thinking she is a bad actress, OK. Saying she is not your type, OK. But denying her looking like a human being, it's offensive.
  4. My girlfriend has a big belly and I love it.
  5. So you're Saint Thomas of Curvage? I understand your point though. Wait and see. Pics may or may not be displayed.
  6. :)Taken!!!!! With a French SSBBW feedee. Yeah I am THAT lucky, after being alone for so long. And yeah I pinched myself so I know I am not dreaming.
  7. In the worst case, your future husband just fears you turn bulimic from anorexic. Apart from that, I see no other reason you would make Such an assertion about him. Or perhaps deep in your heart you know your future husband loves you for you no matter how you look but your eating disorder makes your brain preventing you to admit it. We here are happy to have news from you, worried as friends can be about your health, full of support for your struggles, and fingers crossed for your wedding.
  8. Something provocative: we shouldn't completely cure obesity. For the very reason you cited. If FAism is natural for some of us, that's perhaps because deep in our instincts, we need a woman who could bear a glacial period. To fight frost, you need to store easily belly fat. We were supposed to enter a glacial stage soon, if we hadn't fucked it up with industrialisation. Something also provocative: we shouldn't let all people becoming fat. The glaciation would have ended one day. Depending on the climate, in some areas you must stay thin.
  9. belemnite


    Welcome! You started well. Generous chest, a round pierced belly, your curves will be appreciated here.
  10. Nice update. Thanks. And you have time for this to continue...or not.
  11. Now imagine two volunteers: a writer and a BBW from this site doing this sort of things as a partnership...
  12. AIDS appeared like that, from the same region of the world. Just saying...
  13. We are viewing this panel mostly from Grace's point of view. She is almost under Kip, and perhaps the slightly rotten food she has been fed with made her hallucinating a bit, which could explain why Grace views Kip both fatter and taller than she actually is. What is Kip's height in her character bio? If that hypothesis is not confirmed, I am agree with you, that's an inconsistency.
  14. I have found a reconversion in economics for you. Seriously, if states made as much profit as your fetish porn site...
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