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    Holy mother of god this absolutely destroyed me. Where and how does a slim-ish British guy sign up for this?!
  1. Lucy! Welcome back! How’re you doing?
    I'd be SUCH a good boy for Kat, and do whatever she says... If there's going to be more content like this coming this year, I'm going to be a very happy and heavy man...
    I'm a total sucker for content like this, and Rosie nails it yet again! She's an absolute goddess and I'd let her totally ruin me... Just remembering this video to write a review is stirring things inside me 🥵
  2. Would you ever do some mutual gain/feeder RP? I’d love to see you as my GF who’s been taking care of me…
  3. Thoughts on a reasonably fit guy with a British accent? 🙈
  4. You’re a switch? So do you enjoy encouraging others? I’m primarily a feeder but I have a mutual gaining thing 🥺
  5. How’s your back? Does it still give you trouble?
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