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    To start with, even though it's probably only a short term sale, $6 for 30+ minutes is such a great price that I almost feel that I'm ripping her off! But the real kicker is how none of the extremely long video is unengaging or dead air! To be fair, Rosie could be talking about the scientific process of paint drying and hold my attention, but this video is spicy 🔥
    With the caveat that she is smaller than the body type I am usually into, Candice more than makes up for that with her natural beauty and enthusiasm! And by the looks of it, I may have to eat these words one day soon because her gain is progressing wonderfully! The video itself is a superb girlfriend experience/accidental gaining roleplay.
    To be honest, the eating part itself was a little boring. I would appreciate a little more talking or emoting to make it seem a little sexier than just a regularish half naked meal that we have a view of (and while appreciated for cutting down on video length, I don't fancy cuts during the stuffing either). I only have this small sample size of your videos so far so it could be different in other videos, but I encourage you to try hamming it up for the camera a bit more because you also have a lovely voice and that adds a lot to videos in my opinion. However, the parts where you are laying back stuffed and walking around playing with your belly are great! You are simply divine with a lot of potential as a model here, and I wish you luck!
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