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  1. Can't keep away from morphing... I have a new facebook page that I have posted my morphs and stuff. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/MattsArtPage Don't forget my deviantArt page: http://mattbrewer.deviantart.com/ And to curb your appetite here's a sneak preview!! See ya soon!

    Selena Gomez

    She is 21 as of this year!
  3. Back again.... And I did a Morph Revisited on a old morph! HQ Version: Click Here
  4. Hopefully a good series... The Fatness - Part One HQ Version: Click Here
  5. Tiffani Thiessen in her 90210 days (season 5, I believe)! Full Size: HERE
  6. I did a version of this morph way back in 2009. 4 years later, I decided on redoing this morph after looking at the one I did 4 years earlier. Granted, I don't the original pic from the first morph which is attached here; but I found one that was close enough. I hope you enjoy this! HQ Version: HERE
  7. Wait a minute, I have one more to show!!! You know the drill: Click HERE
  8. About 2 Months and a New Morph comes out... Click "HERE" for HQ version
  9. Long time for a new morph to pop out.... Click here for the full sized version!
  10. Finally another new morph (but I did it last year...) HQ version can be found here
  11. My first new morph of the year! Also can be found here: http://mattbrewer.deviantart.com/art/After-and-Before-Tiffani-Thiessen-90210-347201837
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