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  1. Hope I'm not too late! Definitely think another 50-75 lbs is doable, my God, destroy any hope of ever getting back to a normal weight! Want to see you well north of 300 lbs.
  2. So much luscious new lard, beautiful blubber and fabulous flab! "Moar" indeed!
    If you guys have ever dreamed of seeing lipstick on the edge of a gravy dish here's your chance.
    Wow... 360 degree views of this amazing, gorgeous creature! CQ goes to impressive lengths to display her newly gotten gains. Despite intentions, she's gotten bigger, softer and more jiggly. CQ - I know I'm not the only one who hopes your "diet" continues to meet with this kind of "success"! Looking truly amazing in this clip!
  3. Get heavy cream. You can put something in it to improve flavor if you like.... nestle's Quick, Ovaltine, ckocolate syrup, cake mix. Drink one cup for starters with each meal (over/above your normal meal of course) and one at bedtime for a week. If that is well-tolerated then up it to 1.5 cups the following week and then 2 cups the week after. That will be a quart of heavy cream per day, but spread out over a day and combined with food it should present no problems... remember to budget accordingly. It is thick so if that is an issue for you dilute it with milk a little then gradually wean yourself off the milk. This is about more than just calories and some think it is that cows milk contains something to enable the calf to easily absorb fat, store fat, and improve appetite... which become concentrated in cream when separated from milk. I have heard time after time people report it makes them hungrier all the time and gains show up disporportionate to the effort or amount of food. Give this an honest try for a month, I virtually guarantee you will blast right through that plateau and into the 200's in short order.
  4. Any back-story on her weight loss and dissapearance?
  5. I absolutely adored Passion and was sorry when she disappeared as so many do. Good to see she's still around!
  6. That's very hot... what's the gain from? Lifestyle/job change, new medication, discovered this WG fetish? She really filled out perfectly! Love the lower pic with her belly on her lap.
  7. Whoa, she's filling out! Getting out of shape and flabby! Love how it's all going to the right places! Keep up the good work there! Keep the desserts and carbs headed her way. I'm sure she won't be able to resist, now that you've gotten her in the habit of giving in to excess.
  8. Nice job polishing it all off in one go... maybe eventually you'll work your way up to a 2 L with the way you're pushing your limits and stretching your stomach... my goodness what a prodigious appetite you'll have!
  9. What size was that... 1.5 L? Appreciate the calorie count called out btw.
  10. Here's hoping those 16's are too snug before long! Would love to see.you filling up some 18's or 20's... it's looking GREAT on you! More food? "Yes please..."
  11. At a guess that looks about 175-ish? So approximately a 50 lbs gain. If she keeps up the pace from her last 2 clips it's not hard to imagine this as her flabby future 6-8 months from now. Here's to keeping that tummy happily stretched full of fatty carbs and devilishly caloric weight- gain concoctions! It'll be amazing watching you thickening up Molly!
    Nice job! Loved your comments, always the best part. Keep eating like that and it won't be long before the results speak for themselves with new inches, pounds and stretchmarks.
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