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  1. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    Wasn´t that kind of class I was thinking of.
  2. DanishFan87

    Sasha Pieterse

    Yeah might, but i doubt it, now I don´t know much about PCOS and if its the reason for Sasha belly being different sizes within maybe a few days. In this Video, Sasha looks just as chubby face and silhouette/overall wise, but her belly looks a lot smaller, or maybe Sasha is wearing shapewear I don´t know. This video was posted on same day (maybe different day it was shot).
  3. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    So these pics are from the 5th of March, where Demi attended Emo Nite at a club in LA, singing Paramore songs and such and looking thicc as expected with the gym video in mind.
  4. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    So Demi packs quite a punch with a lot of power it seems. She knocked out one ofJay Glazers teeth, even tho he had his mouth piece in. Also Demi looking nice and thicc, thighs, arms overall Silhouette. Also notice the last line in the description of her IG post, makes me wonder what "weight class" she would be in.
  5. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    So these photos are from the 1st of march, where Demi was photographed leaving a gym.
  6. DanishFan87

    Ask an insider about celebrity weight gain

    Any info on Katy Mixon? she gained quite a bit of weight, even before having 2 kids.
  7. DanishFan87

    Katy Mixon

    So here is an update on Katy Mixon, still keeping a good amount of weight after giving birth in May of 2018. Photos are from season 3 episode 14 of American Housewife.
  8. DanishFan87

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    An additional photo from the Con in january.
  9. DanishFan87

    Camila Mendes

    Update time regarding Camila Mendes, these screencaps are from season 3 episode 12 of Riverdale. She´s still got a good thickness about her thighs and a curvy look.
  10. DanishFan87

    Brazilian Plus-Size Models

    So its time for another update on Mayara Russi and again her instagram content has been superb lately. The first 2 photos are from her 10 year challange and the 3rd is from a recent photoshoot. The Instagram video is Mayara being acrobatic in a swimmingpool, pretty impressive for such a big woman. The last 2 photos are from May 2015 after Alem Do Peso, the photos are a reminder of how much Mayara has gained since then.
  11. DanishFan87

    Brazilian Plus-Size Models

    Mayara has lately been hitting it out of the park with her many beach photos and as usual Mayara is the biggest of the bunch.
  12. DanishFan87

    Brazilian Plus-Size Models

    So Mayara has been posting a lot of beachwear photos lately on Instagram and here are most of them.
  13. DanishFan87

    Brazilian Plus-Size Models

    A new photo of Mayara from her Instagram and I have to say. All Hail Mayara´s back and butt, hell all hail her whole body its glorious. Reminds me of this little clip from Men In Black, with the all hail part. In the post she describes how she used to feel insecure of her fat folds on her back, but now she chooses to be free and liberated.
  14. DanishFan87

    Female wrestlers

    The interesting thing is, those are pre-xmas, last week they taped this weeks raw after doing the Raw Live show on the 17th.
  15. DanishFan87

    Female wrestlers

    You do have a point OscarWinner, afterall you are or rather we are "the authority" now lol. I´m all for that, she could start a Vegan stable with Daniel Bryan and continue the fickle calling of the fans, tho that does remind me of CM Punks Straight Edge Society.