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  1. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    Demi in Jerusalem and nicely filling out that chair.
  2. Mayara showcasing her huge derriére A different ass shot Mayara is obese, but also really athletic and strong, she is carrying Mel Soares who in her own right weighs around 120 kg/ 265 lbs. Cleavage and cuteness Other good photos of Mayara Whats your favorite picture?
  3. Recent video featuring Mayara and 2 other size 54 models and they all look amazing. I will post more Mayara related content the next day or 2.
  4. Very recent from Sasha´s instagram
  5. Mascha at a recent comedy award show in Denmark, from late august 2019
  6. Gosh what a nice huge Booty on Mayara
  7. Yeah I know, but a guy can dream right
  8. Some more recent promo photos except the last one. Now the first one here confuses me a little, while she still looks BIG and hot, she doesn´t seem to look as big as the photo of her from the side in Portugal, that photo from Portugal was ofcourse more of a canded sideways shot, slightly different angle, yet she still wears size 54 as her go to now, a size she hasn´t worn since she was on her way dorm from her all time highest weight. This is ofcourse a promotional photo from Julia Plus, so it might have been slightly altered? Thiis is the shot from Portugal I was talking about Still hot an wide from the front. I feel like we have seen these 2 outfits before, yet posted a few days ago by Julia Plus. From Mayara insta.
  9. Well now we need a Amazon sparring session between her and Titans Donna Troy/ Wonder Girl (actress Conor Leslie) In the red suit in the 1st picture.
  10. A few weeks back they confirmed that there will be a season 4, which I think they might even be filming now, but they also said its the final season. My guess is that the 4th season will revolve around Winston and what he knows, but prolly also around the bag of guns the police found, the guns from the season 2 final. I could imagine that could spread some fear and suspicions around town and school.
  11. Speaking of jiggle, look at those thighs and her overall thickness in the scene that starts at about 1:30, after that comes the scene from my OG post. I agree, I´ve completed it now too and I recommend it. As the season progressed I think Alisha might have toned up a little during the end of the season, tho we can´t really know when they filmed what parts due to the amount of flashbacks.... for example the scene from the football field was ofcourse a flashback, where she looked a little less chubby or more toned than earlier in the season if that makes sense. Anyway I´m glad to see that I´m not the only one who noticed thicc Jessica Davis. EDIT: SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN AND DONT WANT SPOILERS. This is the scene from the football field scene,
  12. This 22 year old Norwegian actress, plays Jessica Davis in 13 Reasons Why. In season 2 I noticed she looked a little thicker than in season 1 and now its season 3 and it looks like she is on the Katherine Langford 13RW meal plan. This clip is from episode 3 so it contains SPOILERS and I suspect Netflix will block the vid from whoever posted the vid. If I find screencaps I´ll post those too. Anyway the first 33 seconds will kinda show what I´m talking about. Heck the thumbnail is great too. Also I know this technically could have been posted in the weight gain story lines for movies and TV, but at this point I think she deserves her own thread.
  13. Which we also see in this clip.
  14. I suspect they are brand new since D23 was yesterday, good look of her too, suggest she might not be as skinny as she seemed to be in the recent photos i posted.
  15. So these 2 pics are from an interesting article about women showing their strength and self-esteem by showing off their arms that they had considered "problem areas earlier" more or less and Mayara is one of those women they talked to about the theme, but I also have my own comments on what she said because I think some of it might have been lost in "google translation" Anyway this photo is great the way it shows of Mayara big fat, but also pretty strong arm, but we also see some lumps of backfat and in the bottom of the photo we almost get a tease at her big belly. Man she looks like she´s ready to fight somebody in a MMA cage. Anyway this is the link to the article: https://www.uol.com.br/universa/noticias/redacao/2019/08/23/vergonha-bracao-a-mostra-fortalece-autoestima-veja-relatos-de-mulheres.htm Mayara stars by saying: Even when she gets a little thin, model Mayara Russi says the arm has always been more obvious. "People said it was a 'polenta knocking arm', a 'arm'. I've heard that all my life." So people gave her grief or maybe even made fun of her arms, but she´s turning a negative into a positive which is cool and a great mentality. Then she goes on to say: Today, she sees that the times she did Photoshop in the photos or did not wear tank top by shame were a waste of time. This image reconstruction started to happen a year and a half ago. She confesses that she thinks she is too big, but is no longer hot: "I will not stop wearing a tank top for aesthetic reasons." This is where there might be something lost in translation or I´m just misunderstanding what she´s saying. But does she think she is too big now? or too big when she she started photoshopping? it would be a real shame if she´s feeling insecure about her current size because she is an aboslute goddess!, what does seem clear is that she´s like fuck it, I´ll wear what I want and it doesn´t matter how it looks" kinda mentality. You have to rebuild the idea of the aesthetic pattern every day. "There are also days when I don't want to show my arm. And we have to know that there are things that bother me, like my sagging belly because I had two pregnancies, but they won't be changed." So she´s standing by who she is, more or less unapologetically.
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