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  1. You make a good argument John and I will admit I haven´t really studied Diana´s career and the western european marked that much to analyse moving parts of the industry with what the norms are and whats acceptable. But yes the brazilian marked has moved a lot from Mayara´s heaviest to her reaching her new regain peak, (tho not as heavy as her all time peak) Besides as you said, Diana´s motives and mindset seems different from Mayara´s. so as of right now a Diana regain is prolly not on the horison for the near future.
  2. If the Mayara Russi weight ride has taught me anything its that nothings forsure and especially plus size models weight fluctuations can be quite wild. so don´t count a Diana Sirokai regain out just yet.
  3. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    4 promo photos for episode 15 of season 11 of Will and Grace. Should also be mentioned Demi is wearing some kinda prostetic or pillow thingy under the dress to make her look pregnant, but even with that Demi looks nice and thicc, with her overall figure,.
  4. A hot video and a few pictures of Letticia
  5. So Mayara posted a video she was featured in about dressing up at home during the quarantine and also celebrating curves, women and the lgbt community. Here is a quick GIF I made of the part with Mayara Here is the video itself, Mayara appears from 2:39 to 2:52 Here are screencaps from the video and I´m not sure if the lighting of the screencap is a little darker, but to me it looks like Mayara has a substantial belly hang in that night dress or rather it just makes her belly look huge. Also Mayara must have some kinda body suit under the dress or something, because there is almost no hint of her back rolls that we know are big and many.
  6. So Mayara made an instagram post that I feel like it deserves to get shared, because its a story of body ideals, expectations and self esteem. I will not post the picture Mayara included because she´s 17 in it, but the story still deserves getting shared IMO. I´ve google translated it, so the grammar is funky, but the overall idea that she is describing is understandable, also Mayara got a lot of replies to the post, so a lot of people could identify with her story. "That was the time when I got thinner in my whole life. In this photo, I was 17 and amazed, I cried every day for not being like my friends, I cried for not finding clothes so easy, I hid in sweatshirts and sweaters. I counted all the calories and as long as I didn't "burn" everything at the gym, I never left. In the photo, I was extremely "daring" than I used to dress. I never wanted to take a picture on the end, because of my arm. What I want to say to you is this: DO NOT COMPARE. WITH NOBODY. This is the biggest trigger for you to lose yourself in life, in the sense of not knowing who you really are, what your image represents to you, all the dreams you have to conquer. YOU CANNOT LET THIS LOCK YOUR LIFE. If you want to change, change, but for YOU. And never let what others say and think affect your way of seeing yourself. I love you "
  7. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    Oh boy did I misjudge Demi, she is ofcourse looking thicc, but I thought she would have looked a little chubbier than she does. Here are promotional shots for Demi´s Fabletics commercial and a promo video. Also I get the promo photos are prolly photoshopped, but she does look the same in the video too.
  8. Nice interview by Kara Sewell who in her own right is sporting a soft midsection in that skirt. I especially liked all the food related questions and especially Katy´s answer to the last one, Tex-Mex or BBQ and Katy says both By the look of Katy´s dress, I think this interview was taped back at the TCA´s in January Katy at the on set Catering table
  9. Yes is stopped back in 2016 and no, that is the official Mike and Molly page, I´m guessing some social media manager from the studio is running it Anyways here are promo photos for episode 17 of season 4, that airs on wednesday the 15th of april. Such an adorable full and chubby face Little hint of backrolls
  10. Yeah, if they insisted to use a photo from her Mike and Molly days, then use one from the last season where she had already gained a decent amount, rather than one from her smallest during the show. I remember you used the Katie Cummings argument before, but are they really that similar? maybe I´m just searching for some side by side evidence lol Anyways here is the trailer for this weeks episode, after this, the show will have a 1 week break before returning mid april. The Narrator asked what Katy will do at second breakfast, when the other 2 rain checked, well I say eat for 3, afterall you got space to fill in those oversized flannel shirts.
  11. Yeah Leka is a button busting beauty, but I could fear for her career and waistline with this quarantine, afterall she is almost busting out of size 62´s, altho it almost seems like they can´t get their plus size models big enough as of late in Brazil.
  12. I got a tip for you There is a good amount of golden Wilma pictures on this insta page https://www.instagram.com/efraimmodas.01/ Scroll down to about the 7th of march where the good stuff starts, and also further down some more prime hot photos of Wilma
  13. Reminds me, the good folks over at Mike and Molly are also wishing Katy a happy birthday tho they remember her like this
  14. A happy 39th B day to Katy
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