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  1. If she is in club 400, that would mean she is atleast 40 pounds heavier than when she entered the weight loss show. Also here is an angle we rarely see, again Felipe who made a video on his IG story Even laying down that belly is huge.
  2. Another day of filming Beleza GG season 3 and I gotta say, we gotta find a way to watch season 3 of Beleza GG when it comes out in the fall, because some of it already looks pretty epic. Mayara was filming with Felipe at a restaurant and we might get to see Mayara pig out, question will she really do that infront of a camera and a whole film crew? Such a full and sexy face Felipe photos of Mayara, look especially at the size of that belly On another note, Mayara was promoting her mothers chocolate creationsAlso lets be thankfull for Mayara´s mom to contribute to her daughters obesity.
  3. Last batch, I see this post is on a new page, so FYI there are more photos from this episode as my last post on page 5
  4. A few different Miranda looks in episode 19, so I took a bunch of screencaps
  5. What´s the saying again? Motivation Monday. Seems like monday is FIT day for Mayara
  6. She used a travel visa to enter the US instead of a work visa on her way to work a indie show https://www.wrestlezone.com/news/1003129-nicole-matthews-reacts-to-being-banned-from-the-united-states-for-5-years
  7. Good to see and love when she gets fashion work done, might not be on their website, but that post must still be sponsored nontheless. EDIT: Naif plus sizing must run big, I looked them up they only go up to a 56, so as mentioned their sizing must run big or Mayara has lost weight.
  8. One of the best effects of Mayara´s huge weight gain is the size her breast have grown too, she really does not showcase and flaunt them enough.
  9. Mayara at somekinda event, don´t know what its for, but she was the only plus size lady of what I´ve seen of pictures Anyway Screencaps First of all I don´t see a chair, tho there is one chair leg, but its so tiny, how is that chair supporting all that weight, she looks massive sitting there.
  10. Speaking of whales, she wrote a little about the movie, she has not seen it yet, but did not approve/ like that they used a fat suit, film poster kinda reminds me of Felipe. Also Mayara posted the brazilian E network on the 28th of March will air a documentary called Voices of the E network featuring Mayara, tho I suspect she wont have much screentime and I doubth we will be able to find it online afterwards In the promo poster they are lowkey hiding her away IMO She also shared its not all big calorie meals she gets, she is trying to balance it out, here with a meal of broccoli and chicken and some other stuff.
  11. Voices of E 2023 promotional campaign photo including plus size models Mayara Russi, Fluvia Lacerda, Nahuane Drumond and Elisa Fava
  12. Any idea why she posted these old photos? not sure of the year, maybe 2020 or 2021?
  13. How tall is Ahnyla? she looks bigger than Mayara Russi so maybe 400 lbs if she´s got some height on her,.
  14. Whats the difference between American 3X like Zoe uses and the 3X british size that Diana Sirokai uses?
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