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  1. Great idea, but I´ve got a question before I vote, Is the wrestling battle when they were at their peak weigh as seen in he 2 photos or their current weight? where Ariel has lost a lot of weight since her peak.
  2. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    I don´t know when its from, but its not recent because she has a lot shorter hair now
  3. Apparently its Jessica Milagros. There is also a thread here on curvage about Jessica which has a few things Big Brother related, if anybody wants to see more of her before BB starts.
  4. So Mayara turned 30 yesterday and she posted this photo on Instagram today. Lets hope she had fun and ate as much cake as she could.
  5. So I´ve got an update, it seems that Britta is still playing at the age of 39. This photos is from an article that described how the older and younger double players of the HBC Hvidovre team were the reason for a team win, the article and picture is from march of 2019.
  6. Note before reading the chapter, if you have not watched Avengers Endgame yet, do not read this because it has spoilers in it. Also its not the most put together chapter of the story, kinda fell out of rythm I guess. Chapter 11 Agent Thompson managed to follow Dottie Underwood after she made a break for it, Thompson followed Dottie all the way to south east of LA near Palm Springs where Dottie walked into an abandoned warehouse very near the San Andreas fault line. Agent Thompson waited for backup to arrive before entering, Chief Carter had also arrived, Agent Thompson, what do you make of this, do you think Dottie is alone in there or how do you asses the situation”. “No I don´t think Dottie is alone in there, the security around the place suggests something big or important is going on in there, there are 3 armed security guards at each side of the building, so I suggest we flank them from here and here so they wont see us coming, then we ram down the door with our biggest truck, now I know we are going in blind, so we have to have as many agents as possible on this attack. “Good idea and plan Thompson”. The mission went ahead and SHIELD got thru and into the warehouse. “Hold it right there Dottie, hands up” Peggy Carter yelled at Dottie Underwood who was standing near a lot of monitors and machines. “Well nice of you to join Peggy, just in time for the big boom of a finale. “Boom?, what are you planning Dottie?” well the simple version is we are going to blow it all up with a nuclear bomb for every 30 miles connected along the San Andreas fault line, and more or less destroy most of California and send it In the ocean” “Oh and as I mentioned its time” as Dottie pressed the button that initiates the process. “So no idea in arresting us Peggy, we will all get blown sky high in 5 minutes, or well most anyway, we do have helicopters in the other side of the building”. Peggy asked SHIELDS bomb experts if there was a way to stop the process, they suggested there might be a kill switch somewhere on the way down the cliff to the first bomb, a kind of handle, but typically it would either take a really really strong person and a lot of pressure to move it”. Peggy looked around and saw nobody with the suggested amount of strength, so she decided, “Alright I´ll do it” “You can´t be serious Peggy” Agents Sousa and Thompson said in unison. “Oh I mean it all right, there´s no body strong enough here to move it, but I have it on good authority that I will be able to put the most pressure on by simply being the heaviest here and by hanging on the handle”. “Well I can´t disagree with that statement Chief so go ahead” remarked Agent Thompson, while Agent Sousa protested again. “No I´m not buying it Peggy, you can´t go thru with this” There is no other way, I have to try Daniel”. Peggy said softly as she began climbing down a long long latter. Peggy put both hands on the handle and let go of the latter and pulled the handle down with all her weight as she was hanging, the handle moved slowly but surely and the bombs where shut down with 36 seconds to spare. Dottie and the rest of the Hydra gang were arrested and put in costudy. 1 week later at the SHIELD facility in LA Agent Sousa walks into Chief Carter’s office with a letter in hand. “I don´t really know how to say this Peggy, but here is my letter of resignation!. Peggy´s eyes widened, “What do you mean by letter of resignation Daniel, why would you do that”. “Well the short story is that I´ve gotten an offer I can´t say no to from the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley”. “And you didn´t figure to discuss it with me?! “Yeah I know it’s not fair and by me taking this job that also means we are thru”. “You bet we are thru, I really expected you to be more open about this kinda decision”. “I know Peggy and I´m sorry”. Peggy took a breath and ended the conversation with “Agent Sousa, I wish you the best in your future endeavors in Langley”. “Thanks Peggy and SHIELD are in great hands with your involvement. July 1970 in Upstate New York Captain America comes back in time to deliver back one of the infinity stones in the events after Endgame, but decides to stay and get together with Peggy Carter, permanently this time, to his surprise and as a welcome surprise at that, Peggy is a lot heavier than he is now. Peggy at this time is 310 lbs at 5´7. Cap will lift Peggy up, “Set me down Steve, I don´t want you to throw your back out”. Smugly Cap mentions “You forget Peggy, that I´m Captain America, so you can´t become too big for me to handle”. The End.
  7. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    So the hoodie was back on today and Demi tried to cover her face from the Paparazzi. The hoodie was so big that it covered up her ass.
  8. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    Finally Demi didn´t wear a hoodie or something fluffy when leaving the gym, just a plain old unbreakable t-shirt, while she still looks somewhat thick, I do believe she has shed a few pounds compared to a few months ago.
  9. I know I said the start of the week, but it will be posted on wednesday.
  10. I will, In the start of next week the chapter should be ready.
  11. DanishFan87

    Sophie Turner

    Shit she must have slimmed down after filming X Men Dark Phoenix, cuz she looked decently curvy and a little bit thick in that movie, she filled out some of the pants that for sure.
  12. DanishFan87

    Demi Lovato

    Demi shaking her thang. Tho a shame she´s wearing that fluffy jacket hiding the rest of her curves.
  13. DanishFan87

    Marion Bartoli

    Yeah clearly, tho I think the photos from her account must have been photoshopped, because I looked at some of the Getty Images from French Open and she clearly is as big as in the pictures you posted.
  14. A few photos of Mayara at some kinda resort. Along with the wine, Mayara showed on her Insta story that she also bought 4 or 5 different kinda chocolates.
  15. DanishFan87

    Marion Bartoli

    I´m so confused about what Marion´s size is at the moment so to speak, these pics look very promosing, but the reason for my confusion are these 2 pics from her twitter where she looks a lot smaller. but that has to be edited then?
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