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  1. I was at the pool last weekend and two young women (in their early 20s) arrived to go through what appeared to be a routine swimming workout of laps, treading water, etc. The first young woman, who we'll call Tricia, was the "thinner" of the two, with a relatively petite and toned upper half, but stored quite a bit of her excess weight below the waist. Her thighs appeared to rub, she had some cellulite, and "badonkadonk butt," for the lack of better words. The second young woman, who we'll call Danielle, looked a good measure heavier and was 3 inches shorter, but still somewhat passed for "in shape" so long as her clothes and coverup was on. When she peeled off the layers, she revealed a larger chest and thicker arms that went with her slight double chin. Her thighs and butt were about the same size as Tricia's, but what distinguished her was the thick belly strapped to her midsection. The two of them were talking as they were getting ready to enter the pool about the weight each of them had put on over the winter. Both of them were wearing bikinis that looked too small. During this, Danielle was doing her best to suck in her belly, which didn't help when she had to bend over. While sitting at the edge of the pool, Danielle pinched her belly pooch and told Tricia that getting rid of it was her motivation to start working out again. The two of them started, with the intention of completing each stage of the routine with each other. However, it didn't take long for Danielle to start falling behind Tricia. Pretty soon, Tricia had lapped Danielle. Danielle, winded from less than 10 minutes of swimming, asked Tricia for a break. Tricia replied "we're only at the beginning. Push yourself a little bit harder." Danielle complained further that "I'm just not in the same shape I used to be in." By the end of it, I would estimate that Danielle completed half of the routine that Tricia did. Here's a rough snapshot of the conversation that they had while sunbathing afterwards: Tricia: "That felt good to finally get some exercise in. I really needed it to help get my summer bod back." Danielle: "Me too, but I didn't expect to be so out of shape. I have a lot of work to do." Tricia: "Yeah, you really struggled. It must be that pot belly that you grew over the winter slowing you down." **Tricia reaches over and starts prodding Danielle's tummy.** Danielle: "Stop it! I know I gotta just start working out more." Tricia: "Danielle, there's a good 10 lbs on your belly that wasn't there last summer when we were in Florida." Danielle: "Uh, its more like 17 lbs. But c'mon, don't talk unless you can defend your thunder thighs." Tricia: "At least I could still finish the workout. " This went on for a while. When packing up, they both put on jean shorts rather than the loose coverups they arrived in. Danielle was trying to do up the button when she said "these are more snug than I remember." Tricia replied, "you're a couple of lbs away from needing to lay down to button those up." Tricia didn't seem to notice that her shorts were completely filled out by her butt and thighs -- the thigh openings on the shorts were pretty much skin tight.
  2. candidjeff

    Frankie Essex

    Flabby is right. She is the definition of flabby, especially when she sits. That tummy just spills out every direction.
  3. Is it just me or is the daughter here beginning to take the form of her mother? She appears to have a thickening tummy.
  4. Number 5. That bikini is at least 2 sizes too small! That being said, I think we'd all appreciate you sharing all the vids!
  5. candidjeff

    Kate Upton

    She's easily pushing 155.
  6. Excellent start! Can't wait to see where this goes!!!
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