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  1. So with Thanksgiving coming.How much do you all think I weigh now and how much do you think I'll weigh after ?20231120_194547.thumb.jpg.1dd8977a21811da3bf6fc2206fea8095.jpgHow much do you like it hanging. 

    1. Johnny18


      I can't say how much afterwards but that hang - whoa. I can imaging you'll be able to eat quite a fair amount and looking forward for afterwards

    2. AdamansTemplum


      For before, I'll say "a lot." For after, I'll say "even more"

      Make that hang hit the bed for the holidays

    3. Moon Kitti

      Moon Kitti

      That sounds like a fun challenge..... I'm in! 😈

    4. Well rounded moth

      Well rounded moth

      What do we get if we guess correctly 

    5. Moon Kitti

      Moon Kitti

      Not sure yet 😉

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