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  1. You know what would be fun, to see you shoot for a 10K calorie day, cap it off with a shake funnel of as much as you can pour into your beautiful, growing bod, and slowly, very slowly, have to open out an old belt as you rub that lovely, swollen belly. It's a pleasure to see that you're on the brink of becoming a true fat girl now. Nothing can stop your move into shocking displays of weight gain.
  2. Impossible to work now without recalling your chub. Mangia.
  3. Great posts, CC... You're on the edge now, on the brink of becoming a true fat woman, always able to think of food, nothing capable of holding your new pounds and folds. People can't stop noticing now, everywhere you walk, commenting, remembering the difference. You're going to become an enormously fat woman. And this feeder digs your growing appetite. Hasta.
  4. You've got beauty by the tonne, Spirit. It's a blast to see your shots and read your thoughts. Have a great time, and don't go hungry...
  5. May the tub get so snug it's a hug, may the calories burst your seams into dreams, and may your cups runneth over with heavyweight bounty. You're on your way to unbridled glory, Ally, and one suspects you're converting your hubby into an FA even now. Your charms are mesmeric and growing, and you have a new power of seduction that can't be matched. Great posts, chubby. I'm looking forward to "chubby" becoming an insufficient descriptor...
  6. Your very first post will make it hard for this feeder to keep his mind on work for a while. Great entrance... I'm looking forward to soaking in more of your enthusiasm for gaining!
  7. I can't wait ..!  Thanks for sharing the great news! ..awesome job of eating like Gourgeous sexy fat piggy princess and gaining weight! ...you are a ice cream sundae for the eyes! 

  8. Your sunshine and style are beautiful. Welcome to Curvage!
  9. A huge welcome back, Candi. You know just how to make a head turn, dangerous lady. And you know how to surpass your stunning previous pics. Great posts. See you at BigCuties. !
  10. Well, hello, beautiful woman. Great posts.
    Lovely. You, Miss Tasticakes, are tapping into something powerful -- the charm and seductive honesty of a growing girl, a woman on the verge of becoming not just plump, but truly, enormously fat. The simple but revealing way you explain to the uninitiated how you feel about food now is memorable, and sticks with this feeder long after seeing and hearing. Well done.
  11. Beautiful, man!! Thank you! All smiles to you both!
  12. Welcome to the scene. Thank you for posting those great photos! You got it goin' on!!
  13. You just made this feeder smile even more than usual on a great day, mademoiselle. Killer comparison. You're so different now. Not a stitch fits you any more, and you get to keep thinking of food and stuffing. You're on the brink of becoming a true fatty now, and people will be glancing as you jiggle past. Eat well. You have this man's attention, 110%.
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