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  1. Your very first post will make it hard for this feeder to keep his mind on work for a while. Great entrance... I'm looking forward to soaking in more of your enthusiasm for gaining!
  2. I can't wait ..!  Thanks for sharing the great news! ..awesome job of eating like Gourgeous sexy fat piggy princess and gaining weight! ...you are a ice cream sundae for the eyes! 

  3. Your sunshine and style are beautiful. Welcome to Curvage!
    Lovely. You, Miss Tasticakes, are tapping into something powerful -- the charm and seductive honesty of a growing girl, a woman on the verge of becoming not just plump, but truly, enormously fat. The simple but revealing way you explain to the uninitiated how you feel about food now is memorable, and sticks with this feeder long after seeing and hearing. Well done.
  4. S        S

      U        I

        P        I

         E        Z

           R        E


    You are on the path now... ;)

  5. Welcome! Multilingual and upbeat! Great combination.
  6. Good post! That's a dream come true for many. Love, excitement, mutual fun. Can't go wrong! :thumbsup:
  7. sirfeedulots

    Tumblr girl

    Just speculating, but, based on the architecture in the pic with the kiddie pool, it looks like she's from the UK.
  8. Good stuff. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  9. Lava should be jealous of 'er. :thumbsup: 8)
  10. sirfeedulots


    Great posts. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  11. Would like to say, "My future wife..." :thumbsup:
  12. True. Some woman derive a sense of power by using the leverage they believe they have over a man's feelings. for that reason alone, it is best to not worry about the disconnect, and move on. Autonomy and living are the best way to proceed. Some women (like some men), are also very careless and selfish, so they will move on and leave a path of destruction behind them. Again, the only thing one can do is move on and march forward to a new, hopefully, better lady.
  13. I think VoluptuousLover nailed it. :thumbsup:
  14. Dude, the difference is amazing. She's so much bigger, with rolls of fullness and the look of a woman who is enjoying your partnership. She's on the verge of becoming a true fat girl. I know that "workout-stop-gain-workout" cycle, and as long as she is enjoying whatever phase she's in, good for her! Eventually, each time it cycles 'round again, she will gain even more. Great posts. :thumbsup:
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