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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I decided to make the post since I feel that most people who are into this sort of thing would probably not say anything about it since we are all here for the same reason. I still have yet to find someone I know
  2. Hey guys long time lurker here, this is my first actual forum topic. With all the "facebook gain/college gain/before and after etc." threads on this site (an in the community as a whole), It's pretty obvious that most of the people posted are not part of the community and are probably just pics taken off of facebook or other social media. I was thinking about this the other day because I know this girl from HS who has had an awesome gain through college and have been wanting to share, but I've been hesitant to just because of the fear that someone would mutually know who she is which would open a can of worms. That and I'd feel a little amoral sharing pics of a girl that I know unknowingly so other can get their kicks. However this got me thinking, with the thousands and thousands of people that have been shared across this community I'm almost sure this happens from time to time. So that's my question, has anyone stumbled across someone they knew in real life, or heard of someone that has?
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