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    Thanks for the insights and congrats on the move. Looking beautiful 😍
  1. One can‘t go wrong with ice cream in summer 🍦
    Great content as always. Mochii is becoming an insatiable.queen
  2. This public stuff is really cool to watch. I appreciate the work! I am sure some people in the park couldn’t stop staring at your big expanding belly. 😈
    Great outfit, tons of food, Uber like a boss. Approved.
  3. No specific food at all, but something I cooked for or together with that person with a wine on a sunny balcony
  4. Aren‘t you sometimes a bit shocked yourself by the huge amounts of food Mochii can take, when you feed her? And would you ever consider filming something outside together, like e.g. a ‘hidden’ cam clip at a buffet or so (ofc not before the quarantine situation is gone!). Or maybe not. Just a random suggestion.
  5. I'm glad you finished moving and I wish you the best of luck with your new house ! More space means more room to grow
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