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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, May the 4th be a Nugget Challenge Fail!   
    I talk about what’s going on in my life, how stressed the challenge is making me and try to attempt the nugget challenge!
    Guess what happens!? I couldn’t believe it!
    I was mortified! That’s why the video is so cheap! 
    But May the fourth be with you! 
    All the love and hugs 
    CC xx
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    Chevalier reacted to Lexi Foxxx for a file, Lexis Mcdonalds Stuffing   
    My first stuffing video after coming back.  I manage 20 nuggets, 2 large fries, and almost 2 large pops before hitting my limit.  After the video, I tried recording eating 10 more nuggets but I only made it to 4 before having to call it quits. I know my belly is getting stretched further and further and soon I'll be able to eat as much as I want.  Its exciting to feel my belly expanding as I unbutton my pants to make more room for the gluttony that is happening. I'm trying to be a good little piggy eating everything in sight.  Come rub my belly for me? I have to really push myself to the limits now to become the fatass I've dreamed to be.  
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    Chevalier reacted to Mochii Babii for a file, Whole Cake Messy Stuffing | Mochii Babii   
    In this video: Stuffing • Belly Play • Over Stuffed • Tight Clothes • Chugging • Messy Eating • Burping • Slob • Cake • All Fours • No Hands ~ 19 Minutes
    Watch me take on a MASSIVE TRIPLE Layered DOUBLE Chocolate Cake!
    I get on ALL FOURS and CRAM cake into my mouth like an utter PIG..barely stopping to breathe...
    CHUGGING FULL FAT Chocolate Milk to wash down the THICK gooey fudge...
    I almost got sick MANY times as I tried to fit all 6,000 CALORIES of this cake into my obese stomach...but eventually I finished every LAST BIT and licked the plate!
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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, Be My Feeder Baby   
    I wanted to get on top of you but you had other plans. Feeding me till I couldn’t breathe and all I could do was lay there. Wondering when I’d start feeling hungry again, so you could bring me my next meal. 
    I loved having you between my legs, playing with my belly and forcing me to have just a little bit more 😈
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    Chevalier reacted to Luna Hellborn for a file, Relaxing Hot Bath   
    While the outside world is going crazy, let's try to relax a little bit together, shall we?
    Join me in this hot, relaxing bath then.
    I play with my belly moving it quickly and making it wobble, bouncing it on the water with a very pleasant noise. I'm not wearing the bottom of my swimsuit, did you notice? But my belly is so prominent that you can't see anything anyway!
    Enjoy this clip at a very special price. Stay inside and have fun.
    This clip is published exclusively on Curvage. ❤️
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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Counter Top Belly Stuffing   
    Belly is getting heavy, and I feel that sometimes I need a helping hand to lift so much weight! My kitchen counter is just on the perfect height for the task, so watch my counter struggle to hold my very fat and heavy belly while I stuff myself with a HUGE burger, fries and a milkshake while dropping my greasy gut, rubbing it and showing myself off.
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    Chevalier reacted to Beauregarde for a file, Passion Patties 2   
    Beauregarde is back again as everyone's favorite spy, from everyone's favorite episode. It's been over a decade since Clover left WOOP, and Inga Bittersweet has been released from jail! Patties are back on the market, and everyone is porking up. Will Clover resist temptation or give in to her passion for these patties? ------ In this 20(!!) minute long fantasy sequel, watch Beauregarde gorge on patties and expand out of her scout uniform, red catsuit, and Bavarian dress, just like in the show! Features a large variation of shots, expansion scenes, practical and digital effects, fantasy scenarios with actual stuffing, one of most beautiful pants button pops ever filmed among others, AND a finale sequence featuring Beauregarde getting pumped with a real pint of heavy cream and chocolate syrup, no substitute. This one has got it all with a cherry on top. If you liked it please leave a review! 
    Watch the teaser here!

  8. Wow
    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Messy Stuffing - Chocolate and Cream Cake   
    This fat piggy got messy!
    I never loved stuffing myself as much as I did today! Maybe my piggy side is coming out stronger? 
    I talk to you while putting my stockings on. I'm out of breath just by walking from the camera to my bed and jumping on it.... my legs are so heavy! 
    I eat a whole cake only using my hands and mouth, then I show my full and messy body off to you.
    Wish it was you rubbing my belly!
  9. Love
    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Biggest Bloating and Slush sounds   
    My first bloating memory comes from my childhood: I used to chug as much water as I could, till the coldness could be felt on my throat. Then I would walk shaking myself slightly to feel and hear all that water inside me "slush slush" was the sound of it. My granny would be alarmed and tell me that I should not do that, or my tummy would be distended like a watermelon...or worse!, like there were b**s!! 
    Those words always had a different effect on my mind, and made me so much into that, that till these days it's one of my favourite feelings ever! 
    I chug 6L (4 on camera and 2 off because of the batery :(( ). But I show you how it looks like after I have all that inside me. I will show you how round and big I look from many angles, rub my belly on my point of view and I make sure you can hear the noise of so much liquid I have put inside my gut, the so loved slush sound 🎈🎈🎈
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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, My Fat Gut   
    I'm feeling so fat! My pants are always tight, my bras are tight, it's so much fat to grab everywhere!! 
    It's a more personal video where I proudly show myself off, shake, grab and waddle around.
    Thank you for making this pig grow!
  11. Hot
    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, Outgrown, Oiled up, Over-Excited!   
    This outfit just over a year ago looked like this....

    Now I'm huge, over-excited by the thought that I'll be ever bigger soon too. 
    I grab oil and rub it into my massive body although my belly is so huge it sucks the oil in so quickly!
    I love taking this oil tour. Jiggling, shaking my body and belly. Just for you. I want to show you everything. 
    My favourite part is when I bend over and you can see how big my arse has got but you can also see my massive belly in-between my legs too!!
    All the love and hugs 
    CC xx
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    Chevalier reacted to FanniFries for a file, My first stuffing session!   
    I order my favourite fatty food and stuff it with haste in to my mouth. I enjoy thinking about how much my triple belly rolls will grow by eating so much and over how happy I am to have my delicious fries. I eat too much fast food but I just can't stop, I crave it more and more often.
    Bellyplay with my triple rolls as well as eating/stuffing. 
    Please contact me if you are experiencing any issues playing the video. 
    All the love to you ❤️ 
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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, Fat Chugging Leather Bitch.   
    I decided to get myself into leather pants that are two sizes too small for me and chug a 2 litre bowl of weight gain shake for your pleasure. 
    I end up out of breath and unable to even lean forward to turn the camera off at the end! I even left that part in because I know how sadistic you can be. 
    I want to do this again. and again. and again. until these pants rip from me. they already have started to rip and I'm looking forward to putting them on for you again soon! 
    All the love and hugs 
    CC xx
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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, Soap and all her GLORY   
    This was so much fun. It's times like this when I truly do realise the extreme size of my body. This tub was actually pretty roomy so I was lucky!
    This bnb - a chair and a sofa ended up being broken! (I promise it wasn't me 😛) Thankfully I wasn't charged  
    All the love and hugs
    CC x
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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, BREAKING NEWS! HUGE WHALE SPOTTED IN POOL IN UK!   
    It's one of the hottest days of the year here in good old Great Britain. What better things to do than chuck yourself in an ice cold family size paddling pool meant for 6 adults and throw yourself around. 
    It was soooooo cold. When I play with my belly the water goes into all of my folds and shocks me so much. This was just fun and I would have loved to have fat wrestled with you in here and have you win because I'm just so unfit. You'd have me lay there after whilst you play with my belly. It would be bliss - although my belly was making some strange noises whilst I played with it!
    I can't wait to see you... come check it out ❤️
    All the love and hugs 
    CC xx
      ps - when you can't figure out how to turn the hose off....

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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, You Dared Me - Now You Have To PAY!   
    I still can't get my head around you making me wear this out. But I did it. I would never wear this!!! The skirt is basically a belt - people could see everything! You obviously didn't seem to mind but you started to get hesitant as we got closer to home, as you knew you had to keep up your end of the deal. 
    You bet that if I went out in this I would get a massage. Of course... I'm going to do anything for a massage. 
    But what I don't get is that when I got the oil out you just froze. You stood there, still, silent and clearly refused to start... I think the site of me got you so worked up. 
    So I thought I'd be nice and start the massage for you. You know how much I love playing with my body anyway so it was a win for me. It didn't take long for you to finally join in... and well, you know the rest... 
    All the love and hugs
    CC x
    PS... its good to finally be back
    **Sorry I've had issues uploading GIFs to this**
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    Chevalier reacted to Bella Abbondanza for a file, Outgrown Bikini Bloat   
    After yet another weekend of indulgence, I tried on one of my favorite bikinis. I could barely get my tits into the top, the bottom was riding up my ass and digging into my thickening hips and love handles. I got turned on seeing how fat I'm getting, and when I get turned on, I get hungry! I grabbed myself a couple beers and a pint of ice cream, and eat the whole pint on camera while talking about how fat I look and playing with my rolls. After the ice cream, I chug the second beer (the first I drank off camera before the ice cream), play with, rub, and slap my gut, and burp quite a bit. If you like quadboob, struggling greedy fat pigs who have no self control, and forming side rolls, this video is for you!
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    Chevalier reacted to Bella Abbondanza for a file, Drunk, insatiable piggy still begging for more   
    In the final installment of my submissive donut and beer binge, I waddle/stagger back into frame, lean against the wall, and keep drinking while I play with my growing fat, accuse you of making me fatter, then claim to love it. I'm moaning and out of control, unbuttoning my shirt to reveal more cleavage and thanking you for getting me drunk and feeding me. I fall forward onto the bed on all fours, crawl towards you, and flirt and beg, asking you to go out and buy me even more donuts.
    If you want more vids like this one, leave a review telling me what you like. My favorite review gets my next vid for free 😘
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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Couch Potato - Bigger than ever!   
    I'm bigger than ever and it shows! In many and every angle there is no way back: I'm a very fat greedy and hungry couch potato. 
    I have 2 big burgers, onion rings, fries and soda, till I can't keep my shorts buttoned anymore and need belly rubs to relax my belly that's working a lot lately....
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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, Button POPPING Play!   
    You know how much I love having fun, and also how much I like to keep you happy. 
    This sort of video is a highly requested one, I've done loads before but I wanted to have one for everyone at a great price!
    I also destroy a vintage shirt in this. Don't hate me 👼
    Enjoy, and I hope you have as much fun as I did!!!
    All the love and hugs
    CC 🧡 xx
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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Happy ball of fat   
    I had such a good diet day: feeling full and bloated, proud of how big you are making me. 
    I talk about how it feels to be so fat, and how much fatter I wanna be. Tell you how I became this piggy that only wanna grow, burp, oil up my big belly and show off all my fatness. 
    Thank you for making me such a porky piggy girl🐖
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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Button Pop - Hot Dogs and Beers   
    *Filmed in Portrait*
    While searching for winter clothes, found this from last winter but I can barely move my arms or keep it buttoned up. 
    Things gets worse when I decide to stuff my face with hot dogs and beers... one of my shirt buttons couldn't hold my belly anymore and flew away so far and fast that I have no idea where it went till now.
  23. Love
    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a file, Sensual SUBWAY Stuffing   
    It been plenty long enough without seeing you but I was going out tonight and was real hungry. I couldn't resist buying all of this food and wanted to show you what I can still do after having some time off. She's still got it 😋🐷
    Wait till later on where I show you my overflowing belly in slow motion after I've stuffed it full.
    I had to put this still in here because the amount that I go cross eyed is hilarious whilst looking at my sandwich! 🐷

  24. Love
    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, 1st anniversary Cake stuffing and fat talk   
    It's my first Curvage anniversary! It's a new date to celebrate my gains and highlight the changes from one year to another: I couldn't be more excited! I came a long way here, and I wanna thank you for supporting me so I can become that fat hog that I wanna be. 
    On this video I eat a chocolate layers cake, topping with some cream and milk to help it all go smooth. I wanted to dress up and look cute, but my stockings ripped on so many places that I guess it won't have a second use... I talk about what I want concerning my gains and my body and show off in many angles all this new fatness and softness. 
    Thank you again!!
    Oink 🐖🍰
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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, 💥[SALES]Stuffing, Belly rubs and Belly Button Play   
    *All the pictures are screenshots*
    Bacon fries and a four cheese pizza plus coke right before bed. 
    Love how the belly starts filling up and getting rounder stretching the skin and making it look very tight. For the first time I tried to share my passion for food and having my belly full from other angles: so you are going to see me standing up, front, side, back, waddling around (for the first time I believe), sitting down from different positions.
    I hope you enjoy it! 
    Also, rate it if you like it, it's important to have this feedback. I'm open to hear from you what you think that would be interesting to explore as a gainer/feedee.
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