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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a blog entry, All about the piggy's diet   
    Hey! Don't mind me here: it's just to show you how to properly fill up this big belly and be happy ♥️
    Tonight I'm having around 5lbs worth of food: they are both very brazilian and very tasty! Brazilian food are known for being filling and rich, lots of rice, potatoes, meat, corn cream, chili beef and to wash down, a brazilian soda(pop, soft drink you name it) guaraná. Yum!!

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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a blog entry, Weight gain updates and piggy diet   
    Hello! I just figured out that there was this option where I could post my updates more often without interrupting the main page! I would love to share what I eat and random fat pictures I take throught the day but most of the time I get shy thinking that It might be a little bit extra haha 
    But hey! I found out that you are interested on how are the kgs or lbs pilling up and I'm here to share everything.
    Let me know your ideas and thoughts about my jorney and what would you like to see this fat body and face of mine doing.
    Hope to hear from you!! 

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    Chevalier reacted to Luna Hellborn for a blog entry, My Health Condition   
    Hello, everyone. Today I would like to talk to you about my health condition. As you may have noticed, I weigh 200lbs and I do not succeed in gaining weight.
    The reason is very simple. I suffer from a very serious food allergy. It's called LTP Syndrome, and it includes an infinite variety of foods. I am allergic to peaches, peanuts and all nuts. But this molecule, LTP, is present in many foods, such as vegetables, flours, so I often feel very very sick. When I shoot a food stuffing video, I keep the antihistamine and cortisone out of the picture, so that I can take them if they start to get sick. 
    It's a terrible reality, especially for a girl like me who loves to eat. In the hospital I met many girls in my condition and they were all underweight... I am an exception, because I continue to eat and get sick. That's why I'm overweight, but I can't earn more. Or rather, I can't risk it. When I eat too much risky food.. my body reacts by ejecting it. If you know what I mean. I may have an anaphylactic shock sooner or later. I think it's only fair that you know this about me. If I avoid making certain videos too often or if I can't fulfill your wishes often... it's for this reason. 
    I will continue to do my best to offer you quality videos, I hope I still have your support and love ❤️
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    Chevalier reacted to Beauregarde for a blog entry, Belly weight!   
    Oh my gosh, my belly is getting so heavy! My body is still getting used to the added weight. I went to a long concert the other day and after standing through a couple bands, the weight from my big, round belly had me feeling like I might tip forward. I had to find a seat to give my back a rest! Of course, after all that standing, I had to get a huge fast food snack, haha. My ass and thighs are also getting so fat and soft. I love the way they jiggle when I walk around, even more than before. I have a big ol' shelf developing over my ass and it's so hot, I love grabbing onto it.
    I'm so addicted to adding new, soft fat. It feels sooooo good! I'm gonna attach a little morph pic. I cannot wait until my belly gets that huge! Soon!!! VERY soon.
    Also, if anyone has any suggestions for future videos, feel free to comment! I love to hear new ideas! ❤️ 
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    Chevalier reacted to GluttonyGal for a blog entry, Stuffing Myself Again   
    So here I am again, my clothes straining to contain my huge belly. It feels so enormously bloated and hard. I just stuffed myself with more food than a person needs to eat in a day, or maybe even two. Now as the aftermath slowly sinks in I feel as if I can barely hold it up, as if I might topple over and roll back and forth on my ball gut on the floor. Part of it feels so good, part of it is so painful and disgusting. Yet still I can't help but want to touch it, just to check and make sure... is it really that big, is it really that hard? Sometimes when I'm like this I feel like it'll never go away. Maybe I'll just stay this full forever. I'll never digest this food and I'll just keep shoving more and more in there. Like some cartoon character I'll grow and grow and grow, disproportionately though. Just my stomach inching outward, more and more, pushing out between my legs till it is laying on the floor in front of me and I can no longer move. That's not going to happen. Oh I will add probably another pound or two to my already plump body, steadily growing ever fatter over time.  I feel like I should ask myself why I do this. Why do I put myself through this torture? My body, my mind, my spirit... why torture myself this way, stuffing myself. I'll make some insane promise about how this will be the last time and I'll never do it again. I know better. I know that if not tomorrow the next day I'll catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, put on an outfit that's a little too tight, or eat a little bit too much, and I'll realize that I could go further. My clothes could fit tighter, I could be just a little bit more full, a little bit more fat. And wouldn't that be amazing! It's a vicious cycle and I'm not sure how to break it. And, sometimes, honestly I'm not sure if I want to.

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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a blog entry, Did the doughnuts cause the fall?   
    I hope you enjoy these hilarious photos 👍🏼

    There is a monitor beeping in the bed opposite me and I reckon it’ll take the nurses about 20 minutes to respond to it. I feel like if I’m ever going to die... this will be the place 😂
    I’ve been on strict bed rest until today. Lots of pain relief, disgusting hospital food that resembles portions of snack size, and waiting on tests with their results for what seems like days. 
    I’m sorry I’ve not posted. 
    All I can say is - I’m thankful that I saved the tray of doughnuts... but a lot of people will argue that it was carrying them in the first place that caused this to happen 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    The nurse said I should take this for Instagram... I thought I should share it with you all 😂
    They came with me everywhere! 

    I reckon I’ll be back to normality in around a weeks time. I really didn’t expect this to happen and I had exciting things planned. 
    Keep your fingers, toes and all the things crossed for me. 
    I love you all so very much 
    All the love and hugs (but not doughnuts because I ate them all)
    CC xx
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    Chevalier reacted to ChubbyCupcake for a blog entry, When (SeeSee) SaySays Hey   
    Well hello.... you've made it this far. I'm CC (pronounced SeeSee) I've been on here for a quick minute and my goodness it changes before you can even catch your breathe. Which is hard when you're fat and catching breathe is a task...

    You'll find me over on CurvageClips posting hopefully now on Mondays and Thursdays with an occasional bonus on weekends... This community means a lot to me. I don't want to take your money and run. I don't want to make you feel like shit in any way. I feel like we're here to lift each other up and that's why I stand with the other legit #ACC's.

    Maybe you want to know why I decided to do this... It was because the community was becoming my life. I don't resent that in any way but I just didn't have any time for anything else and I wasn't actually benefitting financially. So now being able to sell content through this site - whenever people want to buy it means there's no pressure for them. They're not locked into a subscription and they don't feel trapped. I wanted to make sure I did something for everyone. I ensure my prices are fair and also regularly gift my content or do giveaways when people have been kind. I believe this is what the community has been missing lately.

    So now you're thinking... CC, why are you telling us all this?
    Because I feel like its right. I feel like it's necessary to be transparent with each other. I want other humans to stumble across this and know that its ok to do what I do, or feel more included within the community.
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    Chevalier reacted to Jaylaones for a blog entry, Why do you love Easter time?   
    Why do you love Easter?
    For me, living in Australia, Easter is during our Autumn, when the leaves turn brown and the weather starts to get colder. The thought of warm hot cross buns makes me feel warm inside and my belly yearn for them. For those who haven't encountered Hot cross buns i feel for you. They are a sweet bun, full of sultanas.
    This morning along side my cup of tea, I couldn't resist, i started with one bun.
    Toasted, the smell of sweet bread wafting out of the grill,  slathering butter so it melted on to it. I ate it way too fast, i needed more. so i had another...and another.....and another, all toasted and slathered in thick butter, melted as i bit into it, the butter dripped down my chin.
    I ended up eating four buns in total, my belly full. Next time, i may have to film it, share my joy of eating delicious foods with you all.
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    Chevalier reacted to blackbarbie for a blog entry, *external screaming*   
    so; I'm a model now. sweeeet.
    well expect an array of eating videos, belly play, workout videos, and other things. Maybe dressed in graphic tees, button downs, or lingerie.
    the sky's the limit and I'm mostly here just to have fun (and for college but mostly to have fun).
    "come with me and we'll go and see a place called, 'Candy Island!'"
    this blog entree is a bunch of random stuff but I'm a bit hyper.
    peace, love, and chicken grease
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    Chevalier reacted to Curvage Casey for a blog entry, Journey to 300+   
    Hi guys! I am so happy to be modeling on Curvage. You guys have blown me away with support over these past few days. I did make a video where I shared my detailed gaining story, but I did just want to write a post to introduce myself as well!
    My name is Casey and I'm a 24 year old piggy. I have gained 100lbs in exactly 1 year and I plan to gain even more this year. I love growing, I love eating, and I love feeling my body get full and tight with yummy treats. I am fully investing myself in my gaining and cannot wait to share my gluttonous journey with you. Watch me blow up even more in no time!
    I love stuffing, belly play, and am mildly submissive. I've recently started embracing my greedy side and letting myself act like a bit more of a pig. 
    Can't wait to share more!
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    Chevalier reacted to BigBunny for a blog entry, Pool   
    What kind of swimsuit would fit my shape better?

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    Chevalier reacted to BigBunny for a blog entry, The fatter i get more hunger i get   
    Hello, there, when i first subscrived on curvage i wasnt sure about what i was doign here, but slowly i started to make videos, and enjoyn more and more to gain weight, but still unsure, now im absolutely sure that as fatter i get more i like myself, and more hunger i get, im constantly hungry hahaha, doign lots of snacks everyday and night. This pics are from one of my first videos, follow me to see the before and afters.

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    Chevalier reacted to Gainermomma18 for a blog entry, Stuffed Silly   
    So today I had a huge strawberry bubble tea, big dish of french fries, alligator on a stick, coconut shrimp on a stick, a whole bag of cotton candy, a maple syrup root beer, tons of chicken nuggets and fries for supper and 3 ice cream cones! I am still so hungry! I may have to hunt down something else to make before bed... maybe more ice cream or pasta? Hmm guess I should go raid the fridge!! Part of me wants to make myself a drink but I am way too weird when I get drunk 😂My husband and I had fun making my first video for this site and soon we can make another! maybe this time I will just stay in bed for lol! Felt good wearing a bikini top all day, first time in a long time I felt sexy!

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