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  1. Working great for me now. Behavior seems to be reasonable on various threads. Glad I could help, and thanks for the quick fix.
  2. It's still happening for me. The test image on the first page looks fine and loads as expected. However, many other forum images are enormously enlarged. What seems to be happening is the page is setup to stretch the image to fill the horizontal span of the post area. For a landscape format image this is not an issue. The test image is 1920x1080 resolution, and is scaled to 1093x615 on my screen (1600x900 resolution). On verticals though, the image is stretched horizontally even if it causes the vertical size to become far too large. I attached a screenshot below to show this. It's a vertical format image with resolution 354x1100, but it's scaled to 1091x3390 as shown in the page info window. Narrower aspect ratio images are enlarged even more. I'm running Firefox 66.0.3 on a very up-to-date Linux system. The same behavior appears with Chromium 73.0.3683.103. From a quick look in the page inspector, the <img> tag under the class "nbExpandImageAttachWrap" has "width :100%" set in the corresponding CSS file. Changing that to "width: auto" fixes the bad behavior in my case, and simply displays the image at full resolution without scaling. For my example, this thread has several images that show the issue. For me it looks like this (note the 50% page zoom):
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