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  1. Good morning you pretty people. How are you sexy people?

    1. Pretty brown princess

      Pretty brown princess

      I doing pretty well. Especially since its lazy Saturday. How are you doing?

    2. mr big

      mr big

      I wish i was having a lazy saturday with you. But today i will go outside and do errands @Pretty brown princess

  2. Good night you sexy people♡♡♡♡♡ i will be dreaming of you lovly models

  3. I am seeking for a bbw bimbo girlfriend. I would love to feed you and love you ;)

  4. Hello there pretty♡♡♡
  5. Who was your cartoon crush??

  6. I love a messy food for breakfast



  7. Does anyone here remember jolt cola energy drink! Did anyone went to a phase of enjoying energy drinks? What was your favorite?

    1. Chubbyandsoft


      I like redbull the new flavors are pretty good

    2. mr big

      mr big

      I was a monster fan i loved the blue one. But my number one was jolt cola

  8. Has people made friendships or relationships in this website before??

    1. Wishuwerebigger


      Absolutely. I’m friends with a bunch of people here

    2. mr big

      mr big

      Good to know thanks buddy

  9. What is your guys kinks or dream person. 

    Mine is to be a feede to a bbw bimbo girlfriend. I been dreaming of that for days

    1. drunkwa1fu


      big bellies and anything related to them, i guess 😍😍

      also bondage 🤪😈

    2. mr big
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