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  1. A while back, there was a thread that ended(?) with this newly thick brunette/redhead girl posing with her friend, both of their asses facing the camera in extra short shorts. I can't for the life of me find this thread, I've nearly given myself an aneurysm trying to find it, and it's an old thread possibly lost to time. But if anyone knows what it is, could I be pointed in the right direction?
  2. Long time mobile lurker, while browsing through the site, I often come across a page that's utterly loaded with videos, and it often forces a death chain of reloads, is there a way to force them into a smaller or less taxing size? I'm not sure if it's just the browser, or if it's the machine itself, I haven't tried it on the other phone yet and I probably should.
  3. Vernon682

    Gearheads Fap Forum!

    A dream car of mine. A Rimac Concept One, the first electric hyper car, and the first super car built in Croatia. Awesome.
  4. I'm too lazy to find the link, but asser 86 is the boogey man of curvage. It's on the dnp big time.
  5. Vernon682


    DOOM 4 HYPE MOTHERF**KERS!!! metal mode off. But seriously, doom 4 looks awesome.
  6. She wouldn't happen to be a Chinese spy, would she?
  7. I think I broke it.

  8. Whoa, everything's different and stuff! on a side note, the first thing I did was forget my swordfish.
  9. Vernon682


    AGH! HURRY UP YE BASTEDS!!! (Read in daithis voice for best effect)
  10. Vernon682


    seeing as these spots metastasized from an earlier case of colon cancer, I'd say yes.
  11. Vernon682


    theres a YouTubeer, totalbiscuit, probably know him, he was recently diagnosed with liver spots.
  12. Vernon682


    Totalbiscuits basically done.
  13. The biggest problem I'm having with the site, as someone who thinks computers are the garlic to my vampire, has more to do with outside sources. and I have no idea as to how to fix that. I feel a mobilized site would either dumb things down too much, or make the site harder to browse. Mind it could be pulled off, but it's way too easy to mess it up.
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