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    The angles in which she shows of her huge body are insane in this video! You can see her huge gut spilling all over the place and the moans she makes struggling to get all that weight gain shake in her gut are sublime. Definite recommendation!
    The chemistry between them is just amazing and the moments when our Cupcake is being fed by her skinny friend are perfect. The contrast between their bodies is insane and it's so so hot!
    Lots of great steamy hot angles and jiggles in this one!
    God damn she makes a complete pig of herself in this vid. You can see her demolish an entire cake and then greedily licking the container clean. The hottest shot is her belly hanging in between her huge thighs when she sits on all 4s. It's just mesmerizing!
    Really hot interesting video! Don't know anyone else who did something like this. Certainly not a model that is this amazingly hot for sure!
    The hottest jiggle of any girl, hands down. The mirror really adds another dimension to the video, you can see how big every part of her truly is. Her face anddouble chin have gotten so fat and mesmerising and her whole attitude is so so sensual and warm. She genuinely enjoys her body and especially playing with all that soft juicy fat she put on herself since she started modelling and she loves showing us all her fat rolls and curves while also enjoying and being turned on herself. Great video, one of the best!
    Fuck this was so sexy. It's filmed in 2 angles so you can see every bit of fatness hanging on her huge fat body. My favorite part is her getting her gut out of that extremely tight dress that used to fit and just seeing the sheer size of her belly and the deepness of her bellybutton. Wholeheartedly recommend, can't go wrong with Chubby Cupcake especially with this video, must buy.
    Amazing video, true display of gluttony down to the point of food dripping down her belly and you can really see how gigantic her body has gotten. Also she is really beatiful with no make-up on, a true natural beauty! Extremely hot!
    Just speechless. The waves and ripples in her fat are seriously next level. In this vid you can see her lower belly and upper roll jiggle individually while she is swimming and bouncing around. Very very hot video that showcases her amazing body shape and huge hanging gut!
    Really cute slice of life vid. Her hair and make-up are absolutely gorgeous as usual and her style is on point, she always dresses really sexy and fills her clothes perfectly. She shows her really hot crop top at the end of the video and her massive upper roll peeking out.
    Great video, hot idea and dialogue. Her enormous belly looks amazing all oiled up and you can really compare her body to her new vids to see just how huge she got.
    Astounding video! The thightness of those leather pants, the moans and burps when she presses her full belly, her amazing voice, it all comes together to make this great video. The side view when she takes the pants off is so hot, she jiggles her ass a bit and you can see the top roll of her gut jiggle too. Overall sexy as hell, fully recommend this video!
    Amazing video! In awe of the size of her gut! She got so massive it's incredible. In this video can see her jiggling her fat and soaping herself up and she makes it so erotic and cute. Her personality and endearing voice are present as always. Great buy!
    Kinda late but great video exploring her gain and showing off her hefty belly in a t shirt long outgrown. Would love to see her now in the same t shirt!
    God damn amazing video! She just demolishes those 24 donuts. What's even hotter is that she seems unsure at first if she can eat them all but goes ahead and stuffs her gut to its absolute limits, she seems so full at the end. There are also close up shots of her ramming donuts into her greedy mouth and even pushes a whole donut in. Her facial expressions are hot as hell as usual and her voice is just so sexy
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