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  1. Boy can curvybabes eat. She can’t stop snacking on everything in the kitchen especially not brownies. Watch as she eats brownies with enjoyment on her face and rubbing belly in satisfaction ☺️


  2. Curvy babe just laid back showing off how round she is as she bounces up and down on her bed hoping not to break it for the second time, and rubs her belly. Playing with everything that’s grown and stretched ☺️


  3. Suggestions on content? And what I should post more of☺️

    1. bishop2g4


      Side angles are pretty much it for me.

      My top 3 of your videos for that are "Belly Play", "Big Jiggles", and "Belly play with lots of jiggling afterwards."

    2. zulu


      Maybe some more boob and butt centric content! And POVs!!! 

    3. UpGaben


      I personally am all about the thighs, they're perfect! If I could think of something I'd say maybe like a POV tease love talk with a little bit of smothering centered around the belly and thighs. 

    4. robbob123


      Would love to see some bellybutton play, talking about how deep it is stuff like that 

  4. Belly is getting so big I don’t even know where to put it☺️ watch as I massage massive burps out of my belly and politely say excuse me, with every big burp.


  5. In my opinion the biggest and longest burps I’ve caught on camera:) glad to be able to share with you☺️ rubbing my huge belly to get the best burps


  6. Playing and jiggling my belly ☺️


  7. Watch me try on lace underwear and play with my belly after stuffing my face with a quarter pounder😛😛


  8. Come listen to me talk about being fat and how it changes everything from even putting shoes on❤️


  9. What you’ve been waiting for….. a weigh in!! The weigh in will NOT disappoint ☺️ plus of course some belly play


  10. Watch me jiggle around and force burps to be as loud and long as possible ☺️


  11. Playing with all my fat while jiggling it and showing my cellulite


  12. Rubbing down myself in oil and playing with my belly☺️


  13. Playing and rubbing my belly


  14. Come listen to me ramble on about being fat and my struggles


  15. Watch me play with my belly and thighs and swing my big belly😘 it’ll bless your eyes❤️


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