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  1. Omg hot 🥵 safe to say someone is balloning! Loving the journey thank you for sharing. I’m glad you doing it for you and not others who cares what others think
  2. It’s not just you it’s getting big 🥵 but always room to get bigger
  3. Love the thread can’t wait to see more!
  4. It’s hot 🥵 and playing PlayStation 😂
  5. Yea please we should document it check in every 2-3 months I love this goal 😍
  6. Looks like it belly rubs needed indeed! I’m guessing you will fall 😴. But don’t blame me if you wake up with funnel in your mouth 🤷‍♂️
  7. 😂 would of been a workout. Can’t wait for the day when looking at that chair is saying no way I can try and fit into that 🥵
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