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  1. xyxyz90

    My girls cousin

    I hear ya. The cousin is hotter as far as we’re concerned but I’m stuck in a conundrum
  2. xyxyz90

    My girls cousin

    My girl is hot and I love her but she’s more “hot” in the traditional sense (skinny blonde). Every time we get together with her family I see her cousin who has an amazing shape (the thick kind) and looks as if she gains more weight every time we see her. She appears to be uninhibited as we live in a beach community and she is always in her bikini (which by typical standard she should have given up a long time ago and went with the one piece). My god, she is so hot!! My girl always makes a comment about her afterwards like, “can you believe how big she’s getting?!” I always say she looks fine, never comment on her one way or the other. I know there is no way I can ever do anything about it but man- she’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. By typical standards most men would kill to be with a girl as hot as mine is (by typical standards).
  3. xyxyz90

    Keira Knightley

    Definitely hotter on the lower half. Noticed that in the last pirates movie she was in. There’s a scene where she puts her leg in front of someone at the end and she had a bit of a kanckle.
  4. xyxyz90

    Hot fat girl on the beach

    I got it- and she was truly hot... it takes a lot of balls to take a pic of a girl like that.. how many of you have done it? And then to share it on this site. I’ll admit this is the first time I’ve ever done it. The thing I find most intriguing is a girl like this probably thinks that no one is going to find her attractive because she’s fat but man oh man she couldn’t be more wrong!!
  5. xyxyz90

    Be in a bed blonde eating donuts

    There was a video of a blonde eating donuts on a bed - then she got up and stripped. One of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. Her name was either Toni or Otoni- of anyone has that video please share
  6. xyxyz90

    Hot fat girl on the beach

    Check out this hottie
  7. xyxyz90

    Kelly Brook

    So is she pregnant? Someone said she might be
  8. xyxyz90

    Mariah Carey

  9. xyxyz90

    Taylor Swift

    Hope she ends up like that nelly furtado
  10. xyxyz90

    Natasha Henstridge

    Pretty hot for an older chick
  11. xyxyz90

    Mariah Carey

    I gotta say- she holds it together pretty good for an older women
  12. xyxyz90

    Nelly Furtado

    Great body. Wish she'd get rid of the soccer mom hairdo though
  13. xyxyz90

    Kate Winslet

    I agree.. not many hot chicks can stay hot when they get old but she is smoking
  14. xyxyz90

    Your favorite celebrity gain?

    I agree.. Hillary Scott
  15. xyxyz90

    Courtney Tailor

    Woooh!!! That's a hot girl!!
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