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  1. caffiene

    Felicia Day

    Ok, so admittedly, this is not the reason a celeb usually makes it onto this forum, but I just happened to stumble across this gem: https://youtu.be/amvcLde126U No weight gain but eating and erotic food talk. Played for laughs so it gets a little silly but it worked really well for me. Enjoy.
  2. caffiene


    Who’s the girl on the right in the first pic?
  3. I'm relatively certain it was Arleen Sorkin. The inspiration and original voice for Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series. I saw this when it actually aired twenty years ago, I've been dying to see it again ever since; but it's nearly impossible to search for. *edit* - now that I think back it was "America's Funniest People", not "Funniest Videos"; and it wasn't on Netflix when I checked yesterday. Regardless, if anyone can find it I'd still be deeply appreciative.
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