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  1. Oh I absolutely am, Im excited to see where her weight plateaus or how big she lets herself get and how long she can possibly go without new clothes If her gain were to stop this second i wouldnt mind, because regardless of her size im already the happiest ive been with her, and want nothing but that, us together, however i do of course have my hopes thats she one day gets to like 85-95kg
  2. Shes still denying how big shes getting, even to me still, but she has called herself "thick" alot, she just ignores it where possible i guess and when forced to downplays it as much as she can Still definitely in denial to how big shes got, otherwise she would admit her weight, get new clothes etc, but she atleast accepts she has got a little bigger I dont think her trying to lose it is really a goal anymore, I can ask but after christmas she just sort of stopped mentioning it
  3. Im trying to wait for her to give in honestly, shes still doing everything in her power to assure herself shes not getting that chubby because its still the same clothes... With her corsets alot of her clothes still fit good enough (theres only so much the corsets can actually do though, pulls her waist in at the sides but mainly just flattens the front not making it much smaller, and of course the rest of her body has grown to), without the corsets though basically nothing fits anymore Plus by waiting I get to enjoy her squeezing into small clothes and having fat spill out of them longer, so the longer she still thinks she doesnt quite need new clothes because they 'just about fit' the better I dont think it will be long before she has to give in and get new clothes, because she doesnt seem to be able to stop the weight climbing now its got momentum so to speak
  4. Small thing from today, she had gone back to the tried and tested baggy jumpers, I dont know why she didnt have a corset, but her jumper was filled out fitting like a normal tight (but obviously thicker) shirt around her chest and belly so I dont know if you could call it baggy anymore And obviously because she didnt have a corset on she was forced into leggings again, but even these as stretchy as leggings usually are look tight and squeezed her fat thighs. When she sat down the tiniest peak of her lower belly inside her leggings poked out. There was one point though when she was sat that she stretched herself out, and this pulled up her hoodie revealing her large lower belly roll that was sitting on her lap, this also really exposed just how tight the leggings were. The waistband was digging into her fat just above her belly button, she was spilling out on all sides by easily an inch or more and as she continued to stretch her fat was slowly pulling itself out from the squeeze of her leggings, until her belly button had slipped out. When she relaxed the slightly elasticated lower part of her hoodie was to tight to naturally work back down and cover her stomach, the leggings continued to pinch into her chub which was flooding over the waistband, the muffin top expanding and spilling even more with her relaxed posture while the leggings rolled themselves down to basically her hips. It took her a good few seconds to notice and she pulled the leggings back up which audibly slapped into and wobbled her belly as she let go before pulling back down her hoodie, shes pretty lucky it was me sat next to her as I dont think anyone else could have seen it
  5. Just so i know for future would you all prefer if i posted messages as screenshots still or if i should just write out whats relevant?
  6. Thx, good to hear And yes i absolutely will!
  7. Thx, and Im glad to hear that because even though shes getting fatter and clearly liking the comfort I give her over it and also my own softness I feel thats probably because she herself is a bit insecure with her new weight and I want to be as careful and gentle with her as possible while also supporting her and also if possible (this is defo the lowest priority) enjoying her gain for myself Its a hard balance but i think personally im managing it
  8. I rly hope my descriptions make it sound as good as it was
  9. Lol, itd be far easier to read if half this thread wasnt pointless comments and responses, but everything is going great thx and things only look to be getting better
  10. Well I just got back, although by the time this is written it may have been a couple of hours (seriously these take so much longer than I expect every time), and I hope I can describe the bits relevant as good as it was for me When I got there she opened up the door and she was wearing those jeans from the trying on video she sent me (and was linked here), but now the zip was completely open and the button looked incredibly strained. She was wearing them low and her skin tight tank top was riding up very slightly exposing a small strip of her belly which was pouring over the waistband. Considering how big her chest has got too it was surprising how it actually fit ok around them, only being a little lower than it should. Shes definitely been forced to get new bras, you cant get around that like you can a belly with a corset, because the ones she wears now fit better, but shes definitely still got sizes smaller than she should. After we went in I started unpacking all my snacks and her eyes lit up, "we are eating ALL this with a movie" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me onto her bed. We cuddled up and her top and been pulled up past her belly button. Her increasingly round and chubby belly was laying in a mound of fat on the bed as she laid sideways. Slowly expanding and contracting with her breathing I couldnt help but wrap my hand around onto her exposed fat. She inhaled, shrinking her stomach best she could in a moment of hesitation, before slowly breathing back out. As we put on our first movie of the evening we started digging in, I would put packets of sweets, chocolates or whatever there was ontop of my thighs so she could reach into them whenever she wanted any, mine were kept to my side so I knew what she ate. She soon started eating without even paying attention, everytime something ran out Id swap it for something new. Her stomach was soft but I could feel it slowly getting larger as she began to bloat. I gently grabbed her lower portion of her belly fat, creating a slight roll out of it and squished it repeatedly. I noticed her turning red and slowly trying to suck in, so I stopped and told her it was ok shes put on weight, I dont feel telling her I find it hot was right, just assuring her its ok to be soft as I squished her a little more. She relaxed and I kept occasionally squishing her fat slightly as we watched. About an hour in she said she was going to get us some coke. However as she sat up her jeans button popped open and her belly dropped onto her thighs. She sucked in pulling at the waist to close them, in desperation she layed on her back trying more unsuccessfully. She sighed, struggling slightly to sit up, and left to get a bottle for us both. Once she was laying back besides me I tried to pull her jeans together but she stopped me "dont bother, this is so much more comfortable" its here that I noticed the red mark going all the way around her from where her waist band had dug into her fat aswell as her brand new little stretch marks. I giggled in agreement and unbuttoned mine, to hopefully make her also feel more comfortable. I continued gently rubbing and squishing her soft belly that was growing larger with bloat. Eventually we had to take to food in her house, although less of it, once the stuff I had ran out, the amount we ate was crazy and Im hoping shes put on some weight just from today. I saved the packets of what she ate by saying Id use my bag to take stuff to the bin quicker, just from what I brought she ate 8653 calories, and she ate quite alot from her home to. Unfortunately not much else happened for this thread (although quite alot personally 😛), I mentioned the charity shop idea, but she said she would rather sort through it another time because she "(I) want to know what I want to keep for when I lose weight first, then see what actually still fits". Not sure how to end this because thats basically only the first 3ish hours of the visit which was mostly gentle and slight belly play, so I'll end on her quote from later on of "god I'm only going to get thicker if you keep visiting"
  11. I've made sure to pack a load of food for us both (literally filled a rucksack 😂), because one of the few things that stops her from truly eating what she wants is her being worried her parents might get annoyed if she starts eating all of the snacks and junk food herself whenever she feels like it so hopefully she puts on a bit of weight from today, if anyone else has any ideas pls drop them here
  12. Thats actually a rly good idea, then it does unfortunately mean she will probably have to buy new clothes which will fit better, but then again not only does that mean more trying on clothes but also bigger clothes for her to outgrow
  13. Theres no way to be gentle about it when they are so immensely tight 😂 i was having to try force her back in and im really hoping i get to do something similar soon i loved it so much I mean yeah that was a given, i meant more innocent ways hopefully to get her to try fit in small clothes or workout or stuff herself, stuff like that, nothing weird of course, but things that are fairly normal that may cause something hot to happen
  14. We just made an impulsive plan to meet up in a couple hours because shes home alone today soon, any ideas of things to do pls say because now is a great chance
  15. Thx for understanding, I wont say there will never be more photos, it just depends if when theres an opportunity if I feel comfy doing it, because obviously circumstances have changed now compared to before (which I was already on the fence about)
  16. Was just on a video call with her, and she eating large cookies the entire time, one after the other after the other. I honestly don't know how she eats so much but then how she also expects to stay skinny, her weight is getting out of control and its amazing She also mentioned she wants to start dancing again (instead of just doing things here and there performing when the college has shows on), but she said how "I can't keep my top over my tummy", I told her it doesn't matter if she can still physically do it and she went quiet and whispered "I get so out of breath so fast now though", it'll be great if she starts again, seeing her in those tight clothes jiggling about breathless is so hot, but I do hope she doesn't lose any weight from it
  17. I'll try but im very awkward and would probably find it difficult saying that lol
  18. Maybe eventually, but i dont feel ready yet
  19. Thats what i hope to, she has layed down on it once to like a pillow and i found that funny (but shes done that for my thighs and boobs to so she may just like the squish)
  20. So i know i promised 2 other stories from across the holidays but its been so long since them now that i just feel that getting you all briefly up to date will be better cus alot has been happening, so heres just asorted mini updates from the past week The first bit of great news is her weight continues to climb. Over the holidays she absolutely ballooned up in weight, her belly got bigger and everything, well her corsets, grew tighter. Not a surprise when she even on video call was doing nothing but eating and eating. Shes admitted to me she weighs "a tiny bit over 10 and a half stone on my scales" (she also admitted this was on the 26th dec), which she then added "is probably more like a little under 10" still not accepting how fat shes getting, I wanted to know exactly though so when she was at mine again I asked her to weigh herself jokingly. She was very reluctant saying "remember Im bloated so Im probably actually a little lighter", she glowed a deep red and sucked her stomach in embarrassed when my scales said 11.1 stone... Unable to blame a fault she naturally resorted to blaming her bloat... Which she didnt have that day... With her weight past the 70kg mark you would expect she has been forced to get new clothes by now... You'd be wrong, but she is almost entirely out of things to wear, or atleast she would be if she basically didnt live in her corsets. There was however an embarrassing moment when she decided, a bit stupidly, to get a new and very cheap velcro corset. It was lunch on monday when we could all hear it slowly opening itself and her belly growing out spilling over her jeans, shes lucky it didnt completely open itself because her jeans were at bursting point now And best of all Ive had many chances to feel just how fat her thighs and belly have got, she always sucks in for her belly when I place my hand on it, but she can never hold it in the entire time, only in private will she sometimes let me in intense embarrassment grab at or squish her soft fat (without excuse that is, stuffing her back in corsets is a fail safe way to), shes hasnt admitted she likes my belly but does frequently squish it about if she gets a chance, so im personally still not sure if shes into it, i think for herself atleast shes still figuring that out Im hoping i can find ways to encourage her to embrace her body a little more and properly let me play with her belly, im also hoping i can nudge her weight along if i find opportunities to
  21. Time to finally tell the story that goes with these So it was the day of her performance and so naturally we all went along to watch her, and as one of the people who does alot of dancing she was still in her full, tight, black performance outfit from years ago. And because of all the moving she would have to be doing she couldnt wear her corsets that have basically became standard for her in tight outfits... Her leggings were so tight around her fat thighs, the chub jiggled as she walked and her thigh gap has completely disappeared, the fat presses against each other quite considerably now. In the lead up to the performance is when these were taken, she was excited and full of energy, despite this she almost none stop complained about how hungry she was, also admitting she didnt want to eat before "incase i look bloated". This wouldnt have mattered as her shirt hugged her belly barely being able to completely cover it if she even moved her arms infront of her Once we had sat down to watch and Heather had gone off backstage Megan, with her fairly usual lack of social barriers, said "is it just me is Heather looking sooo thick and podgy" no one really knew what to say, but I noticed Amelia subtly nodding, Charlotte was first to break the silence "best not mention it, you don't know how she feels about it", there was another awkward pause before conversation was pushed on elsewhere Unfortunately the light was incredibly dim during it all so taking photos (i even asked everyone else to try take some, this is like the only time it doesnt sound strange to ask them lol) was utterly hopeless, but what i myself could make out was great. She had to run around alot and was so clearly out of shape, she started off fine but you could see that she was soon struggling to keep up with all the running and dancing around. She tried acting natural as her shirt gradually rode higher and her leggings lower while she got increasingly left behind, nothing huge but definitely moments she was about a second behind everyone. She kept going and you could tell she was panting for breath, her shirt had ridden up to above her belly button and her gut was jiggling and bouncing all over, she took every slight chance she could to try pull it down or pull her leggings over her hanging fat but never fully could before being forced to let go and her belly slowly reexposing itself. When her part had finished and she was walking off stage (while everyone else was skipping) she instantly began pulling up her leggings as high as she could and her shirt as low as possible, panting for breath and leaving stage only to stop just out of sight for most of the audience and bending over gasping for breath. Once it was over and everyone was coming and going from stage to do bows or curtsey she sucked in once she stood facing the audience only to let it all back out as she turned away, which if anything made it more obvious how much weight she has really put on with her lower belly pushing itself out from under her shirt to We all hung about together after for a couple hours, unfortunately i get the feeling she didnt feel to great after because she took the earliest opportunity she could to put one of her hoodies back on. Very little happened afterwards but she was eating whatever food we had left as a group, while she walked her legs looked weak and tired, i think shes only now had a real example of just how extremely unfit she has got
  22. Idk how to go about this but if a mod sees this could u pls move the thread to lifestyle discussion
  23. Does anyone know how i can move this to lifestyle discussion because honestly in hindsight (especially now i probably wont do more photos or images) this makes more sense to be there than here?
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