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  1. Yeah, how did she die? I don’t remember that
  2. I’m supposed to trying to slim down a bit but I’ve had a long day and want a huge binge. I’ve only just got home from eating a huge pizza to myself. Jeans are already getting too tight these days.

  3. A lot of the gf and wives on this site who are getting really heavy seem to be also constantly on their phones. My other half is the same way. Ever since she got a phone upgrade, she uses it all the time, doesn’t go anywhere, eats mindlessly and has gained a load of weight. Does anyone have any theories about this one?
  4. She was a bit of a sex symbol in the late 90s and 2000s but recently turned into a bit of a unit. Not that I’m complaining.
  5. That sounds like a tough spot to be in. I’ve suffered with binge eating over the years and I understand how hard it can be. Having this fetish at the same time as being a binge eater is very conflicting. If you want to talk to someone who understands, just PM me anytime.
  6. It’s really an interesting topic and the responses on this thread so far have been pretty good, IMO. Its hard to know if you are out of control without knowing the frequency of your food intake? Are you talking about round the clock eating? Grazing? Or just one binge per day? What’s a typical day of food like when you feel out of control?
  7. Thanks for clarifying what site that link was from. But it seems to be gone now and I missed it what was the picture and is there any way to know who took it down? Did Lucy get it taken down?
  8. She’s really big now. Truly obese
  9. Pizza. I can eat a whole xx large and I love that stuffed feeling of not being able to move. What about you?
  10. And there was one called “Fatcelebs.net”. I wonder what ever happened to that place 😉
  11. Fat girlfriend was a popular one but I sometimes wondered about it’s authenticity.
  12. I’ve heard of Apetamin. What exactly does it do? I thought it was just vitamins and so on? Does it actually make people reallly really hungry? Never heard of Cyproheptadine but is it pretty much the same thing as the first one? Also, isn’t Benadryl allergy medicine? How does that work?
  13. Can anyone recommend an appetite stimulant which is safe to use and easy to obtain in Europe? Ideally, I’d like something to make someone ravenous
  14. This is one od of the threads I always return to whenever I visit the site. It’s a fascinating read. Please never stop updating!
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