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  1. Master WG

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    She’s really big now. Truly obese
  2. Master WG

    What's your favorite food to stuff?

    Pizza. I can eat a whole xx large and I love that stuffed feeling of not being able to move. What about you?
  3. Master WG

    90s/Early 2000s Feederism Websites?

    And there was one called “Fatcelebs.net”. I wonder what ever happened to that place 😉
  4. Master WG

    90s/Early 2000s Feederism Websites?

    Fat girlfriend was a popular one but I sometimes wondered about it’s authenticity.
  5. Master WG

    Appetite stimulants?

    I’ve heard of Apetamin. What exactly does it do? I thought it was just vitamins and so on? Does it actually make people reallly really hungry? Never heard of Cyproheptadine but is it pretty much the same thing as the first one? Also, isn’t Benadryl allergy medicine? How does that work?
  6. Master WG

    Appetite stimulants?

    Why hazardous?
  7. Master WG

    Appetite stimulants?

    Can anyone recommend an appetite stimulant which is safe to use and easy to obtain in Europe? Ideally, I’d like something to make someone ravenous
  8. Master WG

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    This is one od of the threads I always return to whenever I visit the site. It’s a fascinating read. Please never stop updating!
  9. Master WG

    24 stone Scottish bird 🐷

    I'm local
  10. Master WG

    New year's resolutions

    Is that for real?? I mean, is it for certain that it works? How do they know? That’s awesome.
  11. Master WG

    How to know if wife is trying to fatten me?

    I've never said it directly but she knows my preference. She's agreed to grow her boobs a few times
  12. Master WG

    How to know if wife is trying to fatten me?

    Maybe lol! I’m not 100% convinced. We’ve both gained but she still says that she doesn’t like fat people.
  13. Master WG

    How to know if wife is trying to fatten me?

    She maintains that she doesn’t want either of us to gain. She seems very insistent about it. She often just says herself that she’s disgusted by very fat or very greedy people. But even she has gained 8kg since I knew her.
  14. Little tricks I've noticed which I myself have tried on my partner's, over the years. Saying "let's have a snack" then she leaves me to eat all of them. Making me a huge meal then offering seconds. She's always insisted that she isn't attracted to bigger men but I was already slightly obese when we met and she has played a big part in these last 15-20 pounds I've gained. I'd say at least 10 were down to her "encouraging" me to overeat and/or graze on snacks for days
  15. Master WG

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Double down buddy and force her to accept it. Start offering a small 5th meal.