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  1. No change yet. Is it something I can change in account settings?
  2. Is there any way to fix this? I can’t make my unread stream default to all, like it used to. I’m still stuck on “New Curvage Clips” when I click on the little newspaper icon at the top.
  3. That is horrible. I’m so sorry for your loss. You don’t deserve a life of pain. I wish you only peace
  4. If you think it’ll help, share a little here. There have been very few trolls around these parts this year and the usual trolls don’t go after these sorts of posts. And I’d be in favour of mods deleting comments from people being jerks towards this kind of difficult sharing on this post, if you choose to share. Hope all is well with my friend- I mean, as well as things can be.
  5. Omg haha. My phone screen was busted but I didn’t know it at that point. It kept autocorrecting words into other real words. Anyway, for about 2 months, whenever I tap on the little news icon, I get a steam for only unread pay content. Prior to that, it had always been the unread content stream for topics. I don’t understand why it changed and I can’t find a way to change it back.
  6. Change it back please. There’s nothing I can do at my end
  7. I’ve had like 10 of these emails so far. I appreciate that you’re looking out for our security but this should be something we can opt out of. I don’t want it, thanks.
  8. In a few weeks, she could even outgrow it. What are her friends and family saying about it?
  9. Dude don’t tell her how big you want her. She’ll get there eventually herself. Telling her that specifically could just make her feel inadequate or like you don’t like her as much as when she’ll be huge.
  10. That’s great. I hope there will be little differences in the stories. Would love if one character was a secret binge eater/food addict who gets caught now and again. Reluctantly gaining a ton and feeling ashamed. It would fit really well with some of the other stories in the game.
  11. Will there be a story to go with it?
  12. I can’t never find any good videos of a woman truly losing control. Where she eats fast without stoping until stuffed. Like a true binge where she is a slave to the food. Would love to see even one video of that.
  13. What happened? I love this thread
  14. Was going to binge a whole box of my fav cereal for the first time tonight.. but I’ve run out of it.  Now I have that nagging craving which won’t leave me at 4am. Anyone else ever get that?

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