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  1. Dude, just calm down about it. You’re being abusive now for no good reason. The thread is gone, which is apparently what you wanted so just chill and move on. Nobody is forcing you to look at any thread on this site.
  2. Yo. It’s 6am. I’m awake. I’ll probably be on quite a bit today if you need anything or you can hmu if you wanna just chat 🤓

    selling season 4 GIF

  3. 1 cheeseburger 1 large fries 1 plate of bbq wings 1 bacon sandwich 1 bowl of ice cream 3 slices of pizza (the amberlynn special) 1 bowl of cereal 1 large milkshake Coke Variety is the most fun, I bet 😎 and Michael it up. Have desert halfway through and at the end
  4. Dunno what I did to deserve it but I’m only 1 point away from 1000 reputation points!


    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Bc you're the best! ❤️ 

    2. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      Yay! @Curvage Casey! You gave me my 1000th point 🎉 

    3. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Haha omg I'm honored! ❤️ 

    4. Synthesis


      Here's to the next 1000 fella, congrats 🍻

  5. I’ve been on a wee hiatus but I’m back now and ready for fun times ahead. Let’s keep the conversation interesting and the drama to an absolute minimum 😎 

    What are you Monday evening plans?

  6. PSA: whenever a thread on Curvage gets above 50 pages, it seems to be obligatory that someone speculate on weight loss once per page, thereafter.
  7. After 2 hours sleep, it’s gonna be fun trying to stay awake today...
    Tired Arrested Development GIF

    1. goodgirlgrow



    2. AnnaOli


      I lay down to take a nap 5 hours ago, and I woke up now 🤣
      You should take a nap just like mine and it would look like this:
      star wars dancing GIF

  8. Some early morning background music while I approve clips for the store 😎 


  9. I woke up way too early with not a lot to be getting on with yet. Guess I’ll be your designated moderator for the next few hours

    star trek deal with it GIF

  10. Everyone settle down please and stay on topic.
  11. You did it again with that gif great choice! 🤣
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