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  1. Polite reminder for anyone who missed this advice this morning...


    1. extra_m13


      this message must be shared with the whole world

  2. Scottish fella batters and deep fries Domino’s. Would you eat this?


  3. I was walking in my neighbourhood, chatting to a good friend on the phone when suddenly a guy randomly asked me “do you have any cocaine?” 🤨

    I’m a pretty nerdy looking guy. Dunno why they’d think I have any 🤣

    1. Tastic1


      Were you talking really fast? 

    2. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      @Tastic1 maybe haha. Is that enough to tip me off as being a drug dealer?? I just don’t think I have the look...

  4. It’s Friday night and I’m ready for a good time 🍺😎


  5. Just had the electrician out after getting a mild shock from the light switch.

    Turns our it was wet inside and he said it could’ve killed me. Guess I’m lucky 😬

    1. NaomiThicks


      I’m glad you’re ok!

    2. Synthesis


      lightning GIF by vhspositive

      Just think of the possibilities now that you can harness it!

      Jokes aside, glad you're alright fella.

    3. Tastic1



      Not how you test if the electricity is on 

    4. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      @Tastic1 that guy is mental. I was watching one of his videos earlier today

    5. Tastic1


      @Gaelic Steve it takes very specific knowledge to do that man stupid things and not die. Confidence in your knowledge of physics and how it interacts with biology. 

  6. This track is funny affff and legitimately very good. “Woah woah! thar she blows!” 😂

    ”Fat Girl” by Steel Panther


    1. throwaway56342


      Yes, love this one 😂😂

    2. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      @throwaway56342 You’ve been a member of Curavge now for 6 years. At what point does your account stop being a throwaway? 😅😁

    3. throwaway56342


      😂😂Damn, I didn't realize it had been that long. You got a point. I strictly lurked for probably the first 4 years and still don't really post all that much. Guess I could come up with a better user name 😅

  7. Steel Panther Community Property I love this song. It’s so freaking funny 😂
  8. Hey everyone. Got an awesome new recipe for you to try.

    Boiled egg


    • Egg


    1. Boil the egg
    2. Serve!

    Feel free to share your results in the comments :)

    1. mrfatfatfatlover


      The key is in the time!  I like mine kind of wet in the middle for some recipe and hard boil for some good sandwich! 

    2. Synthesis


      I held the egg underneath a hot running tap for the boil, don't seem to be getting any good results from this 🤔

    3. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      @Synthesis just eat it anyway. I’m sure it’ll be fine 🤷‍♂️ 

  9. Anyone here looking for a new goal?

    1. BigBunny


      oh i wish

  10. Good afternoon everyone! The fat girl meme game has been strong this week.

    I’d love to compete but I dunno where you’re finding all these funny memes 😅

    1. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      Update: I’m entering the contest later today. I found a meme 😎 

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