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  1. 1920x1080 HD Surprised to see me all dressed up sweetie? Look at my sexy vinyl don't you like it, But I am not here to turn you on. I don't tell anyone my secret. You see I am a Dominatrix and I am pretty dominant. I have been hiding for so long and I have been craving to tell you this. That I love to eat men and devour them; I am actually starving right now. You see I slipped something in your beverage that will make you not go anywhere. This is my passion; eating and swallowing men. You look so fucking good, but you'd look better in my belly. My appetite is growing and I can't contain myself. I am so ravenous and need to feed. The only place you are going is in my stomach. I cannot wait to swallow you whole.


  2. 1920x1080 HD Featuring: @Xutjja I absolutely love belly button play and always have! I have SSBBW Xutjja's belly button to play with today. Look at her glorious body especially that belly I get to play with. I love that when I poke her belly button her fat jiggles. I love poking her belly button over and over and watching how much she likes it. I love the sound it makes to especially as I start out nice and slow and then start poking her belly nice and fast. I love watching her enjoy as I poke her belly button! Now it's my turn so we switch spots and Xutjja plays with my belly button. You can tell just how much I love it and plus you can see our size comparison as she lays next to me. Look at her massive body next to me!!


  3. 1920x1080 HD Featuring @Xutjja and Tara Tied At this point in my weight gaining journey I had gained to 130lbs from my 108 lb body. I am with Tara Tied who is a curvy model and SSBBW Xutjja who is super-sized. We are clearly all built very different. We compare our bodies; we take measurements of everything. When we have everything written down we can't believe the comparison and how different we all are. I would be much smaller if I didn't gain all the weight but I am the same weight as Tara here who has always been around 130 ish lbs. After we all measure its on to the dreaded scale. We each step on the scale to see how much we weigh. WAIT till you see the weight difference from SSBBW Xutjja to us.


  4. REMEMBER I WANT YOU FAT!!   The Fatter the better. who's going to gain for me??



    1. Xutjja


      How can I say no to you Goddess 🧎‍♀️

  5. 1920x1080 HD Layered with Greasy, Fatty Foods to encourage you to eat. Are you ready to be mesmerized into eating? You want your mind completely taken over with the thought of eating? Im here to relax you and then implant triggers of overstuffing yourself with food. Eating so much food you can't help yourself - wanting to gain so much weight you need a new wardrobe. Your daily activities getting harder, you notice its hard to not think about food. Well that's because I encouraged your subconscious to gain. I have been a trained Reiki Practitioner for 3 years now and I use subliminal mind encouragement to change ways of thinking. So the only thing you think about is FOOD. Stuffing that face full of food, wanting high calories, greasy foods. Your mouth watering as you listen to my voice sink into your head. Wanting to consume so much food as you know you'll get praise for your growing body. Remembering you want to be such a fat pig; it will be all you think about. 24/7 Food


  6. Featuring: Kenna 1920x1080 Kenna is starving and as an SSBBW she has to eat a LOT of food. So she goes into my galley kitchen looking for snacks and food. Gluttony is her favorite things so as hungry as she is she doesn't realize how tiny my kitchen is. You can't even fit 2 people in it never mind someone who is on the bigger side. As she's rummaging through the cabinets she sees the fridge; she goes inside of it but no nothing. Tired from her hunger and tries to move but shes STUCK. She wiggles around trying to move her massive body. She can't! she tries yelling for help but Bianca must not hear her. She waddles around trying to push her way through so she can get out of the kitchen. Well it looks like shes REALLY stuck. Finally Bianca hears her and comes running she sees her massive friend stuck in her kitchen. She tries to pull her out but nothing works!


  7. 1920x1080 HD You love being a fatty and eating for me and so for this clip you will need to have a whole pizza and a 2 liter of soda. I'm going to have you eat slice by slice as I encourage you to gain so much fucking weight. Eating that first slice of pizza has your mouth watering and your cock twitching. Your going to be such a good slob for me and gain so much weight you end up supersized for me. I mean look at my perfect body teasing you to gain and gain and gain. Encouraging you to stuff your fat face. I want rolls upon rolls to form on your body, I want walking to become difficult. I'm going to make you eat and eat and eat. The path to Immobility is now your only goal.


  8. 1920x1080 Featuring: Cass Cass and I are completely different sizes even with my recent weight gain. Here I am 125 (I started at 108) we talk about what our heaviest weight is, especially Cass who has gone up and down for years. At her heaviest she was over 200lbs! We compare our bodies; especially because her tits are a 32G cup and I am a 34C here! We turn and show off our size comparison and how different we are. We talk about our bloated stomach's (they are so swollen). Show off the bloat in many ways and talk about gaining more weight!!


  9. 1920x1080 HD Cassy and I are completely different body types; She has 38G natural boobs and I am a 34C - I had been gaining weight and she is a BBW. Look at our BELLIES!! My belly competes with a BBW and I am 125ish pounds here. We talk about all the things we have been eating, just how bloated we are while rubbing our swollen tummies. Food is our best friend and you can definitely tell here. We show off our bodies side by side and in different positions; we stand/sit/ kneel and show off our tummies. I love how the bloat feels and she does too! Watch as we show off for you.


  10. 1920x1080 I thought I was losing weight, but NOPE of course he had to point out my bloated belly which is a result from gaining weight. I had put on some pounds in the start of my weight gain but failed to actually lose weight and look. Here it is the massive bloat and he loves it SO much. He loves playing with my belly and talks about how the pudge is exciting. He plays with my bloated belly and I show off the bloat. I show off my stomach in different angles and we talk about my weight gain and how its affected me. How the bloat is back with a vengeance.


  11.  If you have been enjoying my content please leave a  review - I really appreciate the support and love on here. Its made me fall in love with creating again. It also helps me see who is enjoying my content!!!


    If you're looking to spoil you can shop my Wishlist:  my Wishlist


    1. jpf


      Do want to get fat or think about being fat?

  12. 1920x1080 HD Featuring: @Xutjja and Shifty Seth We love to compare bodies!! And what better way to compare SSBBW Xutjja's body better than pairing it with me (before I started gaining) and Seth who is a male. We start with me and write down all my measurements. Then we measure Seth and then we measure SSBBW Xutjja!! We love how big ssbbw xutjja is and how massive she is. We love how she can eat and keep gaining. She's 3x the size of Seth which is INSANE!!! We also weigh in and show off our weight. This is perfect to see where I started too as this was before my 30lb weight gain.


  13. 1920x1080 HD Featuring: Khlea Khaos Khlea and I are different sizes and she is double me! This was before my weight gain and you can really see the difference. I love her bloated belly and her stretch marks; I love how much bigger she is compared to me. We measure each of our body parts and write everything down so we can show it off! We compare our sizes and even weigh ourselves at the end. I can't wait for Khlea to get on the scale so she can see how much weight she has gained. She loves to eat and is a GREAT Feedee.




    Gain For US


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    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I’d love to

  15. 1920x1080 HD *THERE ARE 2 CLIPS IN THIS BUNDLE - 1 WITH EFFECT WORK AND 1 WITHOUT** Featuring: @Lilith Goddess Lilith and I want you to gain SO much weight and to the point where you are unrecognizable. We want you to pack on ALL the pounds from ALL the fatty foods. We want your clothes not to fit, your gut become so big you cannot see your private parts. We want you to up your calorie intake by a LOT; we encourage you to eat so much fucking food. Your going to balloon up and we can't wait for you to keep gaining. No excuses on the gaining either; You will eat, you will get fatter and you will become a piggy. We are going to put you on the opposite end of a diet where ALL you do is gain. Gain and gain for us and keep gaining until you have to purchase more clothes for your wardrobe. We want your belly to be huge and you to struggle daily in the end. We want your whole life to be changed by gaining weight. Your going to be such a fatty and we are going to love every second of it. Are you ready to gain for our perfection? lets go.


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