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  1. I miss the goddess Shar. I haven't seen her on FF or here. She is very special. 

    1. Alistar
    2. bonedoc1958


      Thank you. I think add he is such am amazing woman. Thsnks f it r srx ddg IBM me the link 

  2. This woman is amazing. She makes my day every day. She is beautiful seductive voluptuous and extremely special. 





  3. bonedoc1958

    Aviva Juda

    this is one amazing looking woman . any one know anything about her? where she went to
  4. what a great game that was last night. original 6 stanley cup hopefully. next year go rangers
  5. i have to agree . she is super hot. at first thought it was miss thunder from FF, but i dont think that is her. wish i could help.
  6. that has to be one of the hottest videos ever made.
  7. oh my god yes thats her . thank you so much . any idea who she is or where she went . thanks again .your the best
  8. maybe this will help . the video had her talking into the camera saying things like" do you want to touch my belly" its so big and soft etc . ive been looking all over you tube and daily motion but no luck
  9. hi everyone , im looking for the name of a very hot brunette who did a video rubbing baby oil on her belly .it was on a site that had ava in the name. i cant find her or anything about her. if you can figure out who she is from this skimmpy description i would be a very happy man . thanks
  10. RUN. dont walk RUN. he is totally selfish. gaining weight should be a personal choice, not one that is forced upon you . he will find some one who wants to gain weight for themselves.. hope this helps
  11. hi tracii just wanted to say hi and welcome to curvage.
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