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  1. Anyone know if she's still active with lucy-v.com/social glamour? She normally posts an update every 2 weeks, this time nothing and I don't see her in any upcoming sets...
  2. Wow. All I can say is new update this week is great. Her and Charley S, dayum. Good week to subscribe to her site, if you don't already...
  3. I can't view this, it looks like the text is cut off? Is firefox broken here?
  4. How come no one's posted any pics of her latest social glamor update yet? Is it disappointing or something?
  5. Her new video is great, she looks so ...wide
  6. Jesus Christ she looks amazing in that piano set. There seems to be a significant lag between filming and posting to lucy-v.com though... I'm guessing we won't get to see the actual set for over a month :/
  7. It was worth a shot to ask her once because she put 'BBW' on her custom request page, which could mean she'd be open to doing things like stuffing/weighing/etc. Now we know she's not into that, so we won't ask again.
  8. Some bad news... I just got a message from Lucy V saying she will be forfeiting my request. :'( I guess she's not into the whole feedee thing. At least I'm getting a refund.
  9. Here's a better side view of the dress
  10. Time for some more screencaps!
  11. Since some people are asking me, no I haven't got the video yet :/ I might send them an email in the next few days to check the status
  12. I got an email from their customer service rep, asking me to confirm my order via email which I thought was a little weird... I selected standard delivery, so like I said it'll probably take one or two weeks to get the video.
  13. Yeah I should probably reevaluate my life. Oh well... I make pretty good money though so it's not that big a deal
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