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  1. Continuing to tweak and update the user expereince

    new benefits include

    • mobile friendly theme. (which has the added benefit ranking us higher in google search's)
    • Full notification system that works on the forms and throughout the suite
    • Full featured gallery. This will allow us to have a categorized photo database outside of forum structure
    • Upgraded profiles, finally feels like a community
    • Fully connected status system allowing home page, and profile threaded conversation to happen
    • Native AJAX, This means things can happen without having to reload the page repeatedly
    • Youtube embedding can work once again.
    • Much better file storage system, means more speed and long term growth for Curvage
    • Photo upload limit lifted
    • Improved moderation tools
    • Full activity tracking system to help you see whats going on here in all kinds of custom ways
    • native post "like" system so finally it's integrated through out the suite. Post count matters less and quality contributions matter more.
    • The ability to follow members
    • Full featured Text editors instead of antiquated BBcode
    • very functional chat with community notifications when in use.
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