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  1. Wouldnt I look good on the lap of a fat dude?? 🤷🏼‍♀️


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Cole1234


      Be my feeder and I’ll get as fat as you want me 

    3. Cole1234


      How do I get you as my feeder? 

    4. Tiffany Jinx
    5. WalkingFed


      You’d look good anywhere on a fat dude 😍

    6. NorthernLights11


      I’d be 300 pounds in no time with you

    7. Feeder_Feedee_Switch


      No 2 ways about it 😉 That lucky fat dude! 😎

  2. You cant say no to me fat boy😜


  3. Need fat men in my life to exist 🥰


  4. my vid but not me uploading it. 
    Im only on here and one other site so plz report or send me links if you see me other places ❤️ Thanks 😘


    1. Wishuwerebigger


      I hate seeing pirated stuff from here. I’ll let you know if I see any

  5. Your FFA stepmom is planning to take you to the gym… but you soon learn it is because she is facing pressure to put you on a diet. As the manupulating bratty FFA she is, she choses to draft your diet and fitness plan herself. soon she cant hide how much she enjoys your GROWING relationship and all the things she wants with you… contains covered up nudity , soft encouragement, addiction talk, taboo mommy/stepmom role play


  6. dont know how to share my vids on this site like all the other lovely Ladies 😏 female feeder 😏 come see my vids and let me make you FATTT 🥵


  7. Tiffany is done with being your dirty little secret - she is about to reveal your BIG secret… unless…. 😈 Tiffany is your mistress and presents to you the ultimatum that you either gain an obscene amount of weight for her, or she will tell your wife that you are cheating. Tiffany is friends with your wifes friend and she knows that your wife is already disgusted by how fat youve gotten. so you see… either way Tiffany wins like she always does. cos either she exposes your cheating to your wife Or she will keep her mouth shut - but the Price you pay is gaining as much as Tiffany wants. Which will end up with your wife leaving you cos you Got to fat to please her. Tiffany is a mean bratty homewrecker who blackmailed you into getting OBESE 🤭😏


  8. snapping you all the time like 


    1. Collegefatty10


      Wish I got snaps like this 🥵

    2. papertigertelevision


      Yes please

    3. jdargs18


      Oh my. What a sight and snap

    4. Itsme000


      i hope get your snap ❤️ 

  9. ❤️TGIF ❤️



    Im making you 



    1. arquimedes


      You are really gorgeous 😍

      I'd like to be fattened by you

  10. Custom vid Soft FFA domination and encouragement Contains foot fetish/worship for approx 2 mins of the vid. Summary The setting is that we have been dating for a couple of months. You really like me and where the relationship is going but there is just one major issue. You think I’m too skinny. You explain that you are attracted to plump, fat guys and that I would need to gain weight for our relationship to continue. You sense my hesitation but then bring up the fact that you have been snooping at my Internet history and know my interest in feeder fantasies. You know that I also want this and that I should give into my desire of being fat. You go into your plan of how you will feed/encourage me to get big (giving detailed plan of meals and foods like massive breakfasts, gallons of ice cream, pizza). You talk about weekly weigh-ins/measurements to make sure I’m on track. You also say you will offer a variety of sexual favors if I reach certain milestones. (I do have a foot fetish so if you could please mention worshiping your feet as an incentive. If not, no worries). If I’m not gaining fast enough, you will start feeding me heavy cream which you know will make me massive. You will buy me larger size clothes to grow into but first want to see me burst out of my current clothes and see all the soft, milky fat seep through the seams. You get excited about how soft my belly will get and how my butt and thighs are going to explode with fatness. You mention how wet you are getting and start touching yourself. Vid ends w/ you saying you will take me to the bed and feed me 2 dozen donuts.


  11. Big fat himbos are my weakness 😍


    1. jdargs18


      Oh my. Intriguing indeed

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I’ve never been called a himbo but I’m sure I can become one 😉

    3. BrainDedWellFed


      I was already a himbo, And you already know your clips are making bigger a fatter 😏

    4. Collegefatty10


      Being a fat himbo is my life goal 🥵

  12. Fat dudes are just dreamy 😘🥹


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    2. herve50


      Amazing picture and portrait too 🙂

    3. herve50


      I made some 🥞 crêpes and i can share with you 🙂

    4. jdargs18


      You certainly are a unique person @Tiffany Jinx. You normally wouldn't come across a skinny woman who appreciates guys who are bigger. I'm genuinely impressed that you like it

    5. Wishuwerebigger
    6. arquimedes


      This type of post makes me want to get fat 🥵

    7. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You are pretty dreamy yourself 

  13. Your stepmom wants to talk to you. she heard from some of the other moms that there is some fatshaming going on and she just want to make sure that you know how much she loves her growing boy and dont ever want you to change 😏 In fact… she has a confession to make…. Something hot happened when she took you out to eat last weekend but she didnt find the time to talk to you about it until now … and she cant stop thinking about it. from there, she gets excited and invite you to a private dinner when youre home alone with her 😏 soft encouragement with a manipulative twist, step mom roleplay


  14. I need to be in bed with an obese man with a giant beer belly soon or Im gonna 🥹😪😩


    1. herve50


      Beautiful picture with long hair too :)

    2. DrPepper1991


      Right here babe, open me another bottle? 😉

    3. cburgwald


      Are you taking applications?

  15. My inbox is always open 😇 so please feel free to let me know Whats on your mind 😘
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