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  1. I can relate. My wife has been putting on more weight too. She’s in the 230 region now so that means she outweighs me by almost 60 pounds. Shes also pretty settled in her routine of eating a ton and not exercising so it’s almost like every day she’s the fattest she’s ever been.
  2. Wow, that’s a lot of weight in one year! Is that intentional or just the result of her not being careful about what she eats?
  3. This is exactly what happened to my wife. I’ve probably gained a little weight but would probably still be considered skinny. My wife, though, went from athletic and fit when we got married in 2018 to obese in 2023. She probably started around 140-150 in 2018 and is now close to or just over 230. She’s short so that technically puts her in the morbidly obese category. The weight gain definitely wasn’t even throughout the years. She might have gained 5 pounds in 2018 and another in 2019, but it ramped up during the pandemic. She probably put on close to 40 pounds between 2020 and 2021. Last January she hovered around 200 and this was around the time that I told her how I loved her bigger body. She found it strange at first but has to come to accept it and even buy into it a bit. Overall, she’s let go a lot more. She’s much less careful about what she eats, she snacks often, she gives into cravings a lot, and she doesn’t work out much anymore. And it’s showing on the scale. Shes packed on about 30 pounds since last January— the most ever in a year for her. And I’m just looking forward to what this year will bring.
  4. Apparently we need separate bath towels. She mentioned the other day that she can’t fit a normal bath towel around her body anymore. The last time she wasn’t about to do that was when she was pregnant, so it’s nice to know that she’s as wide now as when she was pregnant (or wider). our towels are standard (28 x 54), so I’m guessing that her bust measures just under or around 54 (obviously— I don’t think she’s quite past 54 yet). So her belly has got to be at least 40 inches now, which makes total sense. This winter she has been eating so much bad food it’s unbelievable and most of that extra weight has been going to her belly
  5. Definitely. My wife gained a lot of weight after we got married and I found it really, really attractive. Unlike most couples, I think I find her even more beautiful the bigger she gets. And she wasn't gaining intentionally, so she would have ended up putting on weight even if I wasn't an FA. Plus, all the things associated with having an obese partner-- regularly outgrowing clothes, getting comments from her (skinny) family, occasional glances from people at restaurants-- I personally don't have a problem with.
  6. My wife started gaining unintentionally and after I explained how I liked bigger women she eventually agreed to try gaining intentionally. She is currently around 240. At first, I would have loved to see her get as big as possible but now We’re starting to see real problems associate with that. She’s short so her weight currently makes her morbidly obese. She doesn’t have any serious health concerns yet but she does get winded very easily, she feels tired often throughout the day, she has a lot of trouble bending down (and almost always needs help getting back up). I think she’s more beautiful than ever and she likes how she looks too but I can see how these limitations will only get more complicated. For any other intentional gainers, so you find doing mobility exercises helped you as you got bigger?
  7. I’ve always fantasized about my wife getting fat. Fortunately, that’s already happened. She’s between 240-250 now and has put on at least 100 lbs since we started dating. Now my fantasies have gotten a little more… fantastical. For some reason, I really want her to get to 300 or even 400, and I want all the things that come with that. I’d happily help her get her shoes on. I’d love to see her have to use two chairs instead of one. I really want to have to get a stronger bed. And having to shop at plus-size stores? IncNt wait. Maybe the biggest thing I think about most often is how it would feel to have her on top of me
  8. An exciting development. My wife has known about me being on this site for a while but she’s to warm to the idea of me posting content of her. As she’s become more comfortable in her skin she’s also come to understand the whole BBW thing. I secretly think she likes the extra weight on her but doesn’t feel like she can admit that yet. But hopefully I’ll be posting some pics soon.
  9. That belly is hard to believe. And the growth is equally astounding. What sizes are you up to? I know my wife is going up a lot in sizes recently and even though I think she outweighs you, you’ve just got a much bigger belly. While she still tries to contain it, it doesn’t seem like that’s a possibility for you anymore (not that you’d want to anyway)
  10. You’re right— her health and comfort are important. So far, she’s doing well in both areas. Her health has remained good and she fortunately does not have family history of cardiovascular disease. She also appears comfortable. Of course, the heat bothers her more than it used to but that just means she’s looking forward to the winter even more. Lol If anything she’s ever more comfortable than ever because I think she feels less pressure to stay thin. She definitely knows that I’m more than ok with her size or her growing bigger. She also appears more confident embracing her larger body. Instead of trying to squeeze into old clothes that clearly don’t fit, she’s started buying and wearing plus-size clothes. Plus she’s also stopped calorie counting months ago, which I think can he unhealthy in its own right
  11. Just wanted to get others people's opinions and observations related to the transition from someone being thin (or curvy) to solidly entering BBW territory. I'm coming at this from an observer's point of view, but would definitely welcome insights from people who are themselves BBWs. The main reason I wanted to write this was because my wife's transition was not something I realized until after the fact. Literally, one day I stopped and realized that she definitely was more than just curvy. At 5'2" and approaching 240 (an educated guess), she is a big girl. And now that I've made this realization I've become very aware of the signs and wanted to compile them here. At the least, these are all things I've started to notice with my wife. Here are some signs that someone has truly gone beyond curvy to BBW: 1. Wearing clothes in XL or larger, or buying in plus sizes. You can still squeeze into L or smaller but they're all super tight. It seems that when panties get too tight, that's definitely a sign of serious weight gain 2. Mobility issues START here. You can still do everything but it's harder to reach everywhere you could before. Sandals become much more preferable to shoes, and if shoes are worn the laces are kept very loose 3. You start to sweat much easier and skin irritation is virtually unavoidable 4. Physical stamina goes way down. Walking is pretty much still fine, but anything more (hiking, biking, running) are pretty much out of the question 5. Public seating is incredibly small for you. Bus and train seats in particular are bad, and the dip in them seems to squeeze the fat in your thighs even more than a regular chair 6. People start to stare more (and might even mistake you for pregnant) 7. Your appetite is out of control. What might have started as a few occasional indulgent meals has turned into a regular habit of unhealthy eating that seems too hard (and too good) to curb now What are some other signs people have noticed or experienced?
  12. Someone mistook my wife as being pregnant. We were visiting some family on her side that she doesn’t see very often. I think most of them were surprised primarily just by how big my wife was. They hadn’t seen her since before the pandemic (Christmas of 2019). My guess is that she’s now pushing 235, so she put on around 65 pounds since we last saw them. One of her cousins wasn’t even sure it was her. “Is that you?” she asked. It was her aunt, though, that asked about her being pregnant. It’s an understandable mistake at this point. My wife was wearing XL top and 2XL bottom, but her belly still sticks out a lot when she wears bigger clothes. She usually also wears some kind of shawl to conceal her belly but she forgot it this time, so it was very noticeable. Her aunt initially asked when she was going to get another grandchild, to which my wife responded that she wasn’t sure. Her aunt was a little confused and asked, “But when is your due date? December?” That’s when she actually touched my wife’s belly and I think could tell that it was just fat. My wife played it cool. “No, not pregnant. Just a little fat.”
  13. More proof that my wife is getting more comfortable with her size and with my attraction to her being big. First, she went and bought a new lounging top and shorts— the top was an XL and the shorts were 2XL, both sizes up from what she normally buys . And they fit her really well. The shirt was still tight and hugged her belly (no complaints from me), but the shorts weren’t super tight. They actually looked comfortable and I think she liked the fact that she was comfortable in them. Second, while we were in bed I started massaging her belly. Earlier in the summer she would have quickly told me to stop. This time, though, she let me continue. It probably felt good anyway as she had a huge dinner and was still pretty bloated. Then she jokingly asked “What if I jiggle it?” I was almost speechless but told it would be hot. So she actually started jiggling it and slapping it. She even turned to her side and started massaging it a little bit. She laughed and stopped but I told her to stay on her side and I continued running it. She just thought the whole thing was funny but not gross like she thought of it before. She was even laughing a bit at how her belly looked on the side. She sucked it in as much as she could and then let it all out. “Look how far it goes,” she said, amused and chuckling. “You like this?” When I told her I really did, she just chuckled again, seeming to say that she clearly didn’t get it but that she knew I was honest and that it no longer seemed strange to her. She even tried to see how far her belly could stick out on the side by sucking in and pushing it all the way out. I was surprised how far went as she’s never done anything like that before. “Whoa,” she said. “You better still like it when it’s that big,” she told me. And I had to tell her that I couldn’t WAIT until it was that big
  14. That would probably work (for a little while, at least), but it’s too sneaky. Plus my handwriting is too bad. Luckily, I don’t think I’d need to do that anyway. She’s been growing so fast this year it’s crazy, and the more she grows the more indifferent she seems about it all. I’ve also noticed her wearing an old pair of maternity shorts because they fit and give more belly support. Its the shorts and pants she seems to outgrow the fastest. With shirts she can squeeze into mediums and smalls even though they’re incredibly tight and ride up on her belly. She can’t do the same with pants, mostly because she has to wear them higher around her waist to cover her belly hang. Ive been paying attention to a pair of XL shorts she bought in the spring. Super baggy when they bought them but now really filling them out. There’s a lot less space in the legs and I’m starting to be able to see the underwear imprint beneath the shorts
  15. I’ve definitely noticed people staring at my wife more as she’s gotten bigger and ordered more food. I think this is especially true when we get breakfast. Theres a diner near us that allows you to sub toast with pancakes and she does that every time. And if we go to a diner that doesn’t do that, she’ll likely order pancakes as a side. So then she’ll end up ordering a skillet, with toast and butter, and pancakes. I’ll have some of the pancakes but most of the time she ends up eating all the food. She gets a lot of looks from waitresses, especially if they’re skinny women. There’s usually a slight pause when my wife orders pancakes on top of the skillet (with extra cheese). But I’ve also noticed other customers glance over, mainly when all her food comes and there’s 3 plates of food on her side alone. There is also the time she was briefly stuck in a booth. It wasn’t very long— I just had to help by pulling her out a bit. But the image of her belly pushed up against the table and her panting and struggling definitely caught the attention of some people around us
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