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    GetOutOfMyCarNow got a reaction from ThickAsHoney in Thick As Honey   
    That totally makes sense and I 100% support your decision!
  2. Like
    GetOutOfMyCarNow reacted to ThickAsHoney in Thick As Honey   
    Honestly great question, due to my past struggles and mental health surrounding my weight I’m not sure if I’ll get to that point on here. I’ve been pretty open about being here to appreciate my body, love myself and have fun, I’d hate for it to become obsessive for myself again. I appreciate all the love and support though 💗💗
  3. Wow
    GetOutOfMyCarNow got a reaction from Distorsion in Hi! I'm Disto, join me on this journey 😋   
    I just discovered you and I gotta say, if anyone here is into burping Distorsion seriously delivers. If you want to see her talent progress you could get one of her three soda bloating videos, then get her pizza stuffing and "getting to know me" videos.
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