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    Fierce, cuddly redhead❤️‍🔥
    Nerdy big fat girl 🦸🧚
    A little muffin 🧁 who needs more stuffin' 💝🥰🤤

    New and hungry for some custom content requests.

    I'm a total foodie 🍱 and i love good food 🥞🌭🥯🌯🌮🥧🍭🍩🧋and round bodies. I have also a lot of love for the nerds, freaks and geeks out there.

    I'm in love with the sensual side of food, how it feels, smells, the texture, how it looks. I love creating beautiful things, either food or Art.

    I am no piggy and don't like to be addressed that way.
    I'm a food loving goddess with a huge weird side and an appreciation for the beautiful little broken things.

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    5' 11" (180cm)

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  1. Come and See my best performing clip





  2. In need of hot content...?

    Watch this 🖤




  3. Anybody having some Video ideas...send them my way....would be glad to help Out. 💜🤗



    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You are seriously so sexy 

  4. Do yourselfs a favor and check out this hot stuff 



  5. In Love with dessous 🥰💜🖤

    Check out my other photos and videos.

    I'm so goddamn horny right now, its criminal. 



    1. Continental


      Then you need to be punished right away! 😈😍👅

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You look amazing 

  6. PXL_20220701_201312217.TS_exported_471546.thumb.jpg.d01b9a6227dd83473fb0a0bfcea436dc.jpgPXL_20220701_201312217.TS_exported_312335.thumb.jpg.8fe65c8dc097e141e1bb9df686bd8b53.jpg112624130_PXL_20220701_201312217.TS_exported_3510452.thumb.jpg.ad74d4ef3938ba70fd618bfcd0ea2099.jpgPXL_20220701_201312217.TS_exported_333888.thumb.jpg.a0bdaafe5806fb42f1c217d0b46983bf.jpg

    i really like those pictures 🥰☺️ 

    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You look yummy I’d love to get my hands on that belly 

  7. Went hiking yesterday, was a wonderful day ☺️



    1. TheFinalSin


      Hiking with Stitch 😋 Love going hiking. Great way to unplug and breath for a bit.

    2. Continental


      Looks like a nice outing in the country. 🌞  Beautiful and Invigorating.🔥   Also, by happy coincidence, you'll probably find that fresh air increases your appetite. 😉

    3. Continental


      Btw, the top pic is really nice! 🥰

  8. I had the most beautiful day yesterday and wish for you to have a great time as well. Preferebly with one of my videos, like this one....full of horny belly play, mention of my weight and being in denial about it.




    Love to read your review

  10. Just made that for you. 🥰💜



  11. This Video will be going up in price soon, since its fucking hot.

    So now is your time, go and watch it when its still in Sale. 






  12. Good morning lovely people, 😊

    My new video is out and waiting to be watched.

    You will get to know my weight and see this horny little kitten have some fun with her belly.🥵

    You need to watch it. 🔥💜 







  13. I just uploaded a weighing video, take  your time with my other videos till the new one will get confirmed. 😊😉 

  14. I just noticed how one of my favorite tops is no longer fitting me and went on the scale to check. Let's find out what number my scale is showing and what I'm about to do afterwards. It was quite a turn on for me, so hot. 🍑🔥


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