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  1. KFD

    Does the poet live? Will he grace us with his prose and wisdom ever again?

    1. S77


      Wilan you're greatly missed!!! 

    2. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      I almost shit myself when I saw he had been active less than a day ago!

  2. KFD

    Good night, Wilan the poet, wherever you are!

    1. S77


      he will be missed

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  4. The important thing, however, is to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on numbers.
  5. I'm very sorry you've been sick – Get well soon! If only this little Rhyme would do the trick.
  6. That floral robe goes with your tattoo. I have never had a floral robe – Odd, I know, but true.
  7. Not super size yet, but changing a lot: Big and beautiful, amazingly hot.
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