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  1. I just uploaded sweet & plump body pictures I’d love for you to see 💕


  2. A compilation of thick thighs a beautiful face and an amazing soft and plump body in exotic pieces of clothing.


  3. I'm in love of you 😍😍

    1. Ana Victoria

      Ana Victoria

      Awww babe! 🥰

  4. I am stuffed! I went for seconds🤪


    1. Elshoob


      I’m so ready for your first Bbw belly stuffing video 🥳

  5. How’s everybody’s day going 🥰


  6. Very cute. 🥰   Quite a fashion collection you have there, AV.  With a wall of shoes!

  7. I’m hungryyyyy! EC1F1FA9-95B8-4752-B5B6-A75AAC0A09F2.thumb.jpeg.ba3105a128b257239a6cb4b3d093da1b.jpeg

    1. Weightgaincheck


      That’s a whole lot of woman 😮 🤩 

  8. Hey everybody! Super new here but looking for new friends and finding my way around Curvage💕 come be my friend ✨
  9. New to the community and ready to explore! ❤️

  10. Glad to have you here on board on this self love journey ;)

  11. Hi everybody I am so new here and ready to make friends 🥰 Come say hi 🥳 I am coming from Instagram and joining a new platform 💫

    1. Elshoob


      I am sooooo happy you are here

    2. Elshoob


      I Love You GIF by Tyler Resty

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