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  1. Cute new outfit to adorn all of this fleshy goodness 🤤 I'm feeling this fit today!!!


  2. Let her come to you if anything develops further. She seems quite open and interested in eating and lite play already so that's a huge plus! My experience was much like hers, it seems. I found out early in the relationship that my SO was a feeder, and I was was already a fat foodie. As time went on, my comfort and indulgence in stuffings, being waited on and belly rubs became more and more of interest to me. Now I cant be stuffed without rubs and even that is becoming increasingly more enjoyable. I still wouldn't completely say it's my kink but I do get turned on by it sometimes. My point being enjoy the growth in all its forms. It may surprise you what comes from it. Enjoy! x
  3. Not my security check needing me to find the stairs!! 💀 Is this how curvage welcomes fatties? 😅

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      Welcome :)

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      Thank you so much!

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