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  1. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Hayley isn't on Sky Sports News today, instead she's staying at home doing a bit of housework. Her cravings must be really getting to her though, because 'getting in her liquids' involves drinking a big bottle of chocolate milk - we're at the point of no return now...
  2. It looks like Claire is none too happy that the mags are starting to publish articles about her gain abroad - she actually posted this photo of the magazine and accompanying caption on her twitter:
  3. Here's some caps from the latest episode of Sasha's YouTube show:
  4. The show is finished and can be found here:
  5. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Here's Hayley's broadcast from todays Celtic game:
  6. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Right, before there's too much confusion: - This replacement only covers the Scottish matches on Sky Sports Football, no information is given on how this will effect Hayley's appearances on Sky Sports News. - The only time it gives as a start date coincides with the BBC Women's Cup in France - it's unknown if August 3rd will be the start of Hayley's maternity leave, or the fact that it's probably easier to send this new reporter up to France rather than a then-very-pregnant McQueen. Also, there's this - it looks like Hayley is starting to find high heels uncomfortable now as well:
  7. Here's a few dozen caps from the latest episode of The Perfectionists:
  8. A bit of waddling and heavy breathing too - I don't want to upload it to my channel in case copyright strikes leer, but here's a very brief clip I can afford to host on Streamable, enjoy: https://streamable.com/3c8d7
  9. To be fair, her age probably has more to do with her not getting roles - in telly terms she's hopelessly over the hill so they're not going to cast her in the buxom model roles that she used to get offered - it's good to see her working again, and still getting offers despite how the skewed media world has rigged the system against her. Hopefully she can gear this into a more comfortable lifestyle, to not be so obsessed about body image so she can let go a bit and enjoy herself. Here's two further screengrabs as well:
  10. Just a heads up - Claire was on a UK show called "Doctors" (episode is "Flawsome") where it looks like she's put on some weight since filming the Comedians Watching Football episode - wardrobe looks to have treated her like a coat rack to keep her concealed:
  11. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Also, Hayley's instagram reveals what she's been snacking on while waiting for her plane out of Scotland. She's got an english muffin with jam along with four (four!) bags of chips:
  12. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    I would actually - you can see the sleeves of the shirt coming out from under the blazers cuffs: So unless her shirt was like this: I'd say that she wasn't sleeveless.
  13. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Hayley was covering the Football match today on Sky Sports in a cream colored top:
  14. lovelymeow555

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Considering that she underwent IVF treatment it might be possible for her to be pregnant with triplets (she sure looks it) I think that "Jon and Kate Plus 8" pretty soundly demonstrated what can happen with that procedure - hopefully Hayley doesn't take off too early with maternity leave so we can still see her in September.
  15. They've just had the season finale yesterday so it'll be a while until we get a new season - until then, enjoy the caps from the episode:
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