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  1. Here's a clip from a food segment they had on the 15th where she begrudgingly admits that she's on a diet (0:11)
  2. Whoa, diamond in the rough for sure! Here's her latest broadcast:
  3. Ill throw you a bone - for future uploads, try to find pictures that don't have much going on the background/don't have her arms close to her midsection:
  4. She's so pregnant that her pregnancy test said "Holy shit with flying colors fam."
  5. If you've ever played a 'text adventure' game from the 80's, you're probably familiar how the user can interact with a computer game through pre-determined actions to read along a planned narrative - that's generally how AI Dungeon works, except the program will respond directly to the information you feed it and will generate a story based on its knowledge of previous sessions. The following story was created wholly inside of AI Dungeon; every time you see a line preceeded by ">", that's from the user. If it doesn't that's entirely created by the system itself. For instance, > This is a line of text entered by a human. This would be the response from the computer. It might start off basic and rudimentary, with the system giving wildly unpredictable responses, but sometimes it's amazing what can be generated through continued exchanges, like this sample from the program: > "Have you had enough to eat?" You ask if she has had enough to eat. She nods yes and you begin to push the food towards her. Her eyes widen as you shove a piece of meaty sausage into her mouth. She grabs another piece and takes a bite before returning your attention to the food on the table." Without further ado, I present the Red Lions Inn Conquest: A generated story about a medieval peasant girl named Dasha who's been lying about her wealth to deceive a town into giving her money. When she starts seeing one of the towns nobles, he treats her to a weeks worth of good food before taking her to the market where he plans on exposing her to the entire town... Enjoy: The Red Lions Inn Conquest: > You ask Dasha where she wants to eat. "The Red Lion Inn." > You go inside the Red Lion Inn and speak to the bartender. "Hello, I'd like to order something from the menu." > "What would you recommend bartender?" "We've got some specialties on our menu tonight, but I think that would be best for you." > Order the special "That's great!" > Bring the Red Lion Inn Special to Dasha. "It tastes delicious! Thank you!" > Examine Dasha. "I'm really full now." > "What else do you want to eat Dasha?" "Oh, I just wanted to get out of here. It's getting late." > "Would you like something to drink Dasha?" "No thank you. I don't need any more alcohol in my system." > Bring Dasha another Red Lion Inn Special. "Thank you so much!" > Watch Dasha eat. Dasha has been eating at the Red Lion Inn all night long. She's had enough. She looks up at you with her big brown eyes and she says: "I'm going back home now." > "Let me help you up." "No, no, it's fine. Just go back home." > Dasha attempts to rise from the table, but is stuck. "Please, please let me stay here for a little while longer!" > Bring Dasha another Red Lion Inn Special. "Thanks again for letting me stay here tonight. I really enjoyed myself." > A button pops off from Dasha's pants from eating. "Oh, that was delicious! Thank you so much!" > Examine Dasha. She has a very large belly. Her stomach is bulging out and her legs are covered in grease. She doesn't look like she could possibly be pregnant. > "I think there are some people in the Red Lion Inn that you might have met before Dasha - let's meet some of them..." "That would be wonderful!" > Grab a rich looking man and sit him down across from the table. "You remember Dasha, don't you sir?" "Yes, yes I do. She's one of my customers." > "Do you recall that Dasha used to be a skinny peasant?" "Yeah, I remember. She used to come into this inn when she came to visit her brother who lived over on the other side of town." > "Well sir, it turns out that she might have been lying about being a peasant." "What? No! What did you just say?!" > "It's true. She's been lying to the whole town in order to get money." "How can you tell?" > "Look at the size of her - would a peasant girl be so fat?" "No, but...but..." > Dasha looks mortified. "But what?" > The man looks angry but then smirks. "So you've been stealing Dasha?" "No! It was an accident!" > The man slides Dasha another plate to eat. "Sir, I'm sorry for your loss. But if you're not interested in meeting with me, then I'll leave." > Dasha attempts to stand, but is stuck. "Please sir, I beg you, please meet with me. Please." > The man raises a forkful of food to Dashas mouth, she eats it. "Thank you sir." > Her eyes begin to well. "Have another" the man offers. "I will sir." > "No more lies, huh Dasha?" "Yes, sir." > Dasha finishes the plate and burps. "That's enough for today sir." > "Very well, Dasha." The man smiles at you. He gives you a nod and leaves. You feel like he's trying to tell you something, but can't quite make out what it is. Then suddenly, the door opens up again and the woman comes back in. > Look at woman. She has long black hair and wears a dress that is very revealing. She stands there looking at you, waiting for you to speak. > "Why don't you come sit over here miss?" The woman looks at you and nods. She sits down on one of the chairs in front of you. > "This is Rox." You explain to Dasha. Rox nods at your explanation. She seems to understand everything you're saying. > Look at Dasha. Dasha stares at you with wide eyes. Her lips move as if she wants to say something, but can't find the words. > "This is Dasha" you point to her across the table and Rox greets her. Dasha blushes and looks away from you. She begins to fidget nervously. > "Rox is the owner of Red Lion Inn, and I'm sure she's seen you begging around town," you begin. You continue to talk about Rox and how she runs an inn. Dasha listens intently. > "It would seem that Dasha here, has been lying about her wealth to steal money Rox." Dasha's face turns red. She starts to blush and then quickly recovers. She shakes her head slowly. > "I think Dasha is hungry though Rox, what do you think?" Rox looks at Dasha and shrugs. She says "Well, we could feed her." > "What would you recommend Rox? You and Rox both nod. You walk over to the kitchen area and grab some food off of the counter. > You return to Dasha and place many dishes in front of her. You put several plates of food in front of Dasha. You tell her to eat whatever she wants. > She begins to eat. She eats the food greedily. She doesn't stop eating until she was full. After finishing her meal, she walks back to the table and sits down. > Rox turns to the other patrons of the Red Lions Inn. "Attention everyone," she begins, "We have a challenger willing to take on the Red Lion Inn Dish Conquest!" The patrons all turn their heads towards you. They stare at you with interest. > "For the next hour, this girl will be eating the entire menu - you may pay tribute in tips and encouragement!" You raise your hand and the patrons cheer. You smile as they applaud you for your boldness. > A man closest to the bar places down a plate of steak for Dasha to eat, she looks ill. A man approaches the table and puts down a plate of meat for Dasha to eat. He looks sickly pale. > "Don't let down the paying customers Dasha." Dasha nods. She smiles and takes a bite out of the meat. Her eyes begin to water. > Another patron puts down a plate for Dasha to eat. Another man approaches the table and hands Dasha a plate of food. She looks ill. > Dasha continues to eat. Dasha continues to eat and looks healthy. Another man comes up to the table and gives Dasha a plate of food. She looks ill. > Look at Dasha's stuffed belly. You walk over to Dasha and examine her stomach. It bulges from its skin tight confines. Its muscles ripple under your touch. It is obvious that it has been filled with food. > A man approaches Dasha and pours her some wine. A man approaches Dasha and pours her some wine. She looks ill. > "Drink up dear." You pour more wine into her glass and give it to her. She drinks greedily. > Dasha winces You notice that the wine is making Dasha feel very uncomfortable. She winces and wipes her mouth on her sleeve. > She reaches down and undoes her belt She pulls off her belt and lets it fall to the floor. She then begins to undo her pants. > She leans back in the chair rubbing her stomach. Dasha leans back in the chair rubbing her stomach. > Her legs spread wide apart and her arms wrapped around herself. > "Have you had enough to eat?" You ask if she has had enough to eat. She nods yes and you begin to push the food towards her. Her eyes widen as you shove a piece of meaty sausage into her mouth. She grabs another piece and takes a bite before returning your attention to the food on the table. > You continue feeding her. You continue feeding her until she is full. She doesn't seem to mind this method of feeding though. You grab a plate and put it next to her and place your hands on hers as you feed her. > The crowd cheers The crowd cheers as you finish feeding Dasha. You look at each other for a moment and smile. This was fun! > "She has finished the Red Lion Inn Conquest!" Rox announces, and the crowd whoops and hollers. Rox announces the news to the crowd and they cheer loudly. They also applaud when you walk out of the inn with Dasha. > You present Dasha with the money she earned in the Red Lion Inn. You present Dasha with the money she earned from the Red Lion Inn Conquest. She looks at you expectantly and kisses you on the cheek. > You blush and ask her if she'd like to do the Red Lion Inn Conquest tomorrow. You blush and ask her if she wants to do the Red Lion Inn Conquest tomorrow. She smiles and agrees. If you want to generate your own story, you can do so on their website. Two commands I found especially helpful were '/revert' and /remember'. The revert command will allow you to essentially 'take back' your last response so you can rephrase it, reword it - basically grab the reins and control the story if the AI starts getting wild. The remember command will allow you to essentially 'save' important story elements to be recalled later. It will also allow you to 'write' information relevant to the story - for instance, sometimes the program loses track of names and genders, so you notice it's putting 'She' for a male character, you can add in '/remember the Blacksmith is a man for instance. If you've got a good story, post it here!
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