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  1. Also, here's a comparison of the two anchors in front of the same screen. I spy a bit of a difference...
  2. We've just gotten a much better view from the event staff who recorded some of the autograph panel that she attended - here's the clip that features her heavily; it looks like she's back to black hair:
  3. We got a chance to see Lauren from very far away at the very end of the stream - this glimpse is all we got from the stream itself.
  4. The stream has started a half hour late, so we may have a slight chance of seeing Lauren on stream.
  5. Just a forewarning that Lauren might not appear on the stream, she just posted on Twitter today saying, "While I won't be at the Q&A, I WILL be signing with the rest of the cast," so unless they stream the autograph session we're going to miss seeing her today. This is backed up by the event management, who have said that it was due to a time incompatibility with their livestream and the schedules of Lauren and another voice actor:
  6. In case you missed it, Pringles sponsored one of her videos and in an outlandish move of trying to shoehorn their brand into 'hardcore gaming' culture, provided Dodger with a literal feeding machine that could be attached to her headphones with a robotic arm that would swing around and force her to eat a chip:
  7. Here it is with rehosted video - my favorite part is at 0:45 when he's still preparing the dish and says "Okay..." to introduce the next step, but Alicia is so impatient to start eating that she readies her hands to reach forward and grab the plate. It isn't until he says, "...the secret ingredient time..." that she realizes he's still discussing the process and she places her hands on her hips in an unconvincing motion. She just can't wait to eat... Here's a very short broadcast for the 4th as well:
  8. Here's tonights broadcast, but it comes with a bit of a caveat; we might be seeing less of Alicia soon. When reporters first start out at a station, they begin by covering the 'live' stories that nobody else wants to do - they essentially have to 'earn their spot' inside the warm studio with the other anchors. By sending Alicia to cover the 'live' stories as often as they do, they could be trying to limit her on-air time because they could be trying to discourage her appearance. This is just speculation of course, but it would line up with how often she's been the one to cover the live stories outside of the studio...
  9. That requires a bit of a delve - so the long-haired guy named 'Salem' in the translation and the dark haired schlubby looking guy with a beard (Fedor) are meant to be the same person - the series is called Зайцев +1 because Salem has a split personality, with Fedor (his other persona) serving as his +1. The plus-sized pageant was set up on behalf of the school and Salem was meant to be the impartial judge of it. This of course is complicated somewhat, when the models start trying to win favor with Salem to improve their odds with favors and other stipulations (the fan ending of the clip featured above with the plus-sized Valencia was one of these models trying to guarantee herself a win after getting Salems friend to vouch for her) Unfortunately for Salem and all of the pageant hopefuls who thought they were going to be crowned champion, his alter-ego Fedor comes out during the finale and chooses the curly haired blonde woman in the audience, which is why things go off the rails if you're watching the episode in full.
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