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  1. crtwrght_mrk

    Temple of Elemental Fatness

    This is a great read, I've often thought that DnD should make a good medium for a story and this is a cool approach. I've been trying to figure something out. Is the occasional swapping from Nalara to Narala and back again a deliberate choice with some meaning?
  2. crtwrght_mrk

    Chloe Moretz

    Without having any desire to get in the middle of an internet argument (but apparently doing so anyway) perhaps "pretentious" is an appropriate substitute?
  3. crtwrght_mrk

    Looking for a story

    This I think: http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119347
  4. crtwrght_mrk

    Cant find a story

    What you describe has similarities with Julie's Inner Conflict by elroycohen, except it's a male feeder, but I'm sure it's a common theme around these parts.
  5. crtwrght_mrk

    Magician Belly Trick

    Looking good Chris.
  6. crtwrght_mrk

    looking for a story

    Sounds like the plot of The Id's Epsilon Experience: Link
  7. crtwrght_mrk

    Teasing stories

    You could try snr's aptly titled "Teasing": http://snr6424.deviantart.com/art/Teasing-Part-1-FWG-167082832
  8. crtwrght_mrk

    What Does a Champion Feel Like?

    Significant computer issues have been plaguing me of late. Fortunately it's finally stable enough to function as a web browser/typewriter again. I've no desire to hijack flaming-hades' thread but given my prolonged absence I thought a response was necessary.
  9. crtwrght_mrk

    What Does a Champion Feel Like?

    Believe me, there are still plenty of us who eagerly await the next chapter.
  10. crtwrght_mrk

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    She wasn't that bad. Or at least she was quite good as a plot device. And I still think the reveal at the end of the first episode of S5 is a great moment.
  11. crtwrght_mrk

    Looking for a super hero wg story

    I suspect that description is not an exclusive set but this is a story, by snr, that meets those criteria: http://snr6424.deviantart.com/art/A-Superheroine-s-Misadventure-210958799
  12. crtwrght_mrk

    Do you guys remember history differently?

    This is at least half the problem with memory.
  13. crtwrght_mrk

    What Does a Champion Feel Like?

    Loved the latest addition. I saw this thread updated last week and it just sort passed over me, for some reason I thought it was "The Slowest Champion", which I knew had concluded. I kept seeing the title over and over again until at about 4am last night I suddenly realised, while trying to get to sleep, what an idiot I was being. As for it becoming too sexually focused I think I'd say no. While there is more sex it comes across as completely natural given the situation, and I'm eagerly awaiting more (of everything).
  14. crtwrght_mrk

    Video Games

    Dishonored was probably one of the best games I played last year. The option for perfect stealth appealed to my obsessive-compulsive side, and when you inevitably screw up and feel the need to kill something violently that's an option too. Also have to mention Torchlight II, Dark Souls (not a great PC port but still an outstanding game), Skyrim (only played it a few months ago, very late to the party), and recently I've been playing Tropico 4 (I love city-builders). Then there's my off-and-on semi-permanent time sink: Minecraft.
  15. crtwrght_mrk

    What Does a Champion Feel Like?

    Nice to see a continuation of this story, always liked it.