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  1. This is a great read, I've often thought that DnD should make a good medium for a story and this is a cool approach. I've been trying to figure something out. Is the occasional swapping from Nalara to Narala and back again a deliberate choice with some meaning?
  2. crtwrght_mrk

    Chloe Moretz

    Without having any desire to get in the middle of an internet argument (but apparently doing so anyway) perhaps "pretentious" is an appropriate substitute?
  3. This I think: http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119347
  4. What you describe has similarities with Julie's Inner Conflict by elroycohen, except it's a male feeder, but I'm sure it's a common theme around these parts.
  5. Sounds like the plot of The Id's Epsilon Experience: Link
  6. You could try snr's aptly titled "Teasing": http://snr6424.deviantart.com/art/Teasing-Part-1-FWG-167082832
  7. Significant computer issues have been plaguing me of late. Fortunately it's finally stable enough to function as a web browser/typewriter again. I've no desire to hijack flaming-hades' thread but given my prolonged absence I thought a response was necessary.
  8. Believe me, there are still plenty of us who eagerly await the next chapter.
  9. She wasn't that bad. Or at least she was quite good as a plot device. And I still think the reveal at the end of the first episode of S5 is a great moment.
  10. I suspect that description is not an exclusive set but this is a story, by snr, that meets those criteria: http://snr6424.deviantart.com/art/A-Superheroine-s-Misadventure-210958799
  11. This is at least half the problem with memory.
  12. Loved the latest addition. I saw this thread updated last week and it just sort passed over me, for some reason I thought it was "The Slowest Champion", which I knew had concluded. I kept seeing the title over and over again until at about 4am last night I suddenly realised, while trying to get to sleep, what an idiot I was being. As for it becoming too sexually focused I think I'd say no. While there is more sex it comes across as completely natural given the situation, and I'm eagerly awaiting more (of everything).
  13. crtwrght_mrk

    Video Games

    Dishonored was probably one of the best games I played last year. The option for perfect stealth appealed to my obsessive-compulsive side, and when you inevitably screw up and feel the need to kill something violently that's an option too. Also have to mention Torchlight II, Dark Souls (not a great PC port but still an outstanding game), Skyrim (only played it a few months ago, very late to the party), and recently I've been playing Tropico 4 (I love city-builders). Then there's my off-and-on semi-permanent time sink: Minecraft.
  14. Nice to see a continuation of this story, always liked it.
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