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  1. Oh yes, I rember going once to a 'rodicio brasileiro' many years ago-it was a gainers' paradise. But the question was rethorical. I'd say that there are obese women in all countries, but Brazilians are not as ashamed of their curves as others.
  2. I wonder what kind of food they have in Brazil in order to have so many BBWs
  3. I noticed that most fictional weight gain stories, here and in other pages, the person gaining never does it on purpose. Either she is force-fed by an evil feeder or loves eating too much or whatever but hates being fat. I strongly prefer when the person gaining is a woman who does want to gain weight and became fat, and enjoys the process. A true feedee. If you know any good stories of this type, I would be grateful if you give me link.
  4. Kaileigh Jones, @britishdreamgurl, next to what looks like picture of me😉
  5. Boris Kustodiev painted many pictures of women entitled' The Merchant's wife'. I guess that merchant's wifes were notorious in Russia for their plumpness
  6. It's hard to me to believe that we will reach ever those obesity rates since (almost) no woman wants to be fat. But the truth is, despite of all the efforts to stop the 'obesity epidemy' the number of obese people is still growing in most countries.
  7. I think it would be nice to explain a bit when you post a link. Something like ' German thriller related to feederism'
  8. 😍😍😍 Pretty face, pretty fat.
  9. Pixiechickxoxo dressed as a cowgirl
  10. That post on her IG may not be feederism but certainly does look like it
  11. I've seen her in 'The Crown' and she looks rather plump as Margaret Windsor
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