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  1. I am not sure if Monsieur Maudoux has a special fondness on plus-sized ladies or just he just wants his characters to be body-diverse (most of them are still thin); but this drawing is kind of suspicious, isn’t it?
  2. But let’s go to the point. Sometimes minor female fat characters appear in the background but the great thing is that, at the second volume, a BBW is introduced as a major character : Oriene ‘Mammoth’. She’s an obese, yet strong warrior who became Pretorius’ close fried and lover in spite of her size. You all will agree it is not common to have a fat woman as a main character in a comic. This is not an American comic, so there is plenty of sex, nudes (and gore), as you can see.
  3. Florent Maudoux is a Vietnamese-French comic-book artist. His most famous work is the ‘Freaks Squeele’ manga series. Forgive me if I call it manga, even if it’s originally made in French, but the style is 100% manga-like. But my favorite work is the spin-off ‘Freaks Squeele: Funerailles’. It’s the story of the brothers Scipio and Pretorious, set in the fictional Republic of Rem, which is like a gothic, steampunk version of ancient Rome featuring warriors fighting in Saint-Seiya-like armors. It has (so far) 5 volumes. You can read the first two in English here. https://mangalux.com/manga/funerailles
  4. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump is one of the worst America's president ever.
  5. It was just an ironical example. I fear that our society is doomed, since is based on a continuos and therefore unsustainable economical growth. But I hope that the end is still far away.
  6. I don't see a decadence in our society. At least no more than 50 o or 100 years ago. The world is changing, some things for the better, and other ones are for the worse. I very often it depends on your personal opinion. I bet there are a lot of people concerned about the increase of obesity rates worldwide...but I am not worried at all ;).
  7. I mean... are you talking about the decadence of western civilization or just about Curvage itself?
  8. When a woman is so obese it's hard to notice 20 pounds more of less. But my general impression is that she's getting bigger every year.
  9. In the books, Lysa Arryn (Cathlelin Stark's mad sister) was fat and Cersei wasn't as thin as she used to be in her youth. But that's how TV and movies work at the moment. You should ger used to it.
  10. All these feature models look simillar: tall, young, pear-shaped ... ... and fat.
  11. Behold the sheer fullness of her body!
  12. I love how her face is becoming round
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