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  1. das Hirschlein

    Katalina Gorskikh, another Russian model

    Beach time
  2. das Hirschlein


    Hi! Wellcome to Curvage. 😊
  3. Welcome to Curvage!
  4. das Hirschlein

    Hello Everyone :)

  5. das Hirschlein

    Sara F Smith

    So big and sexy 😍
  6. das Hirschlein

    Milena Albuquerque

    Milena & Co at 12:01 P.D. In the show they even have a bunch of sweets for the contestants to eat after dancing ! 🤤
  7. das Hirschlein

    Milena Albuquerque

    'A gordinha máis leve do Brasil' ( The lightest fatty in Brazil ) sound like an promising TV show for me
  8. das Hirschlein

    Bree Kish

    I think she's gained a bit of weight. Do you agree?
  9. das Hirschlein

    Pencil portraits

    A quick sketch of Justine Legault
  10. das Hirschlein

    Allie Athanasio

  11. das Hirschlein

    Who had the most shocking gain in 2018

    You're welcome
  12. das Hirschlein

    Katalina Gorskikh, another Russian model

    I don't think so. Her lips look different in the last picture due to different face expression and the lipstick. Look at the comparison pics.
  13. das Hirschlein

    Katalina Gorskikh, another Russian model

    What are you talking about?
  14. das Hirschlein

    Unexpected "Weight Gain Content" in Literature

    After reading Gardens of the Moon I suspected that Steven Erickson was one of us just by the way she describes Tattersail. I see I was right.
  15. das Hirschlein

    Tara Lynn

    I agree, mainly because it is totally unnecesary