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  1. From her IG She is T H I C K
  2. Offtopic. She's directed the third episode of the second season of 'The Mandalorian' and it was awesome.
  3. On the other hand, big boobs were fashionable in ancient India, judging by the sculptures in Khajuraho.
  4. The standard of female beauty in western art was pear-shaped with not so big breasts until the XXth century.
  5. I think this fits here. Dolce & Gabana launched a campaing featuring plus-size models inspired by baroque artist like Rubens. I love the results.
  6. Saw her in 'Lady Macbeth' and have to admit that she looks quite curvy for a celebrity, and this might be the explanation https://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/macbeths-florence-pugh-refuses-slim-11802769
  7. Ok. Let's go by parts: - In Western societies, thin is still in. It is impossible for an actress to be a Hollywood star if she is anything above 125 pounds. Even if they need an actress to be slightly overweight for a role, they hire a thin one and made her to gain weight, because no major actress can be overweight. - Back in the 50s and 60s, the situation was pretty similar. A thin waist was mandatory, althought bigger boobs were more common. The looks of Marilyn in that film was the exception. Compare it with any movie feauturing Audrey Hepburn. - Nevertheless, with regards to fashion modelling, Plus-Size models are becoming more and more common, and even within them, the fatter ones like Tess Holliday are becoming more socially acceptable, although still controversial. But the regular model, the standard one, it is still skinny.
  8. https://themarilynmonroecollection.com/marilyn-monroe-true-size/
  9. Sorry to disagree, but actually Marilyn was far from being fat, althought she was a bit plumper at 'Some like it hot'. The ideal woman has been thin for a hundred years.
  10. This one. Not very sure how to describe how it tastes, but I like it.
  11. I think Orval is my favourite, even though I am not much into Belgian Beers
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