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  1. Tess Holiday, Clementine Deseaux, Ju Romano ...
  2. Does anybody know her name? Thank you in advance
  3. I love learning new languages. My 'mother tongues' are Spanish and Galician. The latter is spoken in the north west corner of Spain, which is called Galicia or Galiza, where I live. It's very similar to Portuguese, as both were supposed to be the same language in the Middle Ages, until Portugal became a departed Kingdom. I have a good level of Portuguese not only because of that but also due to a 3-month internship I did in Estoril. Besides English, I also studied German for many years at the Language School but unfortunately I am starting to forget due to lack of practice Totally agree. Hail Rammstein! I have tried to learn other languages on my own just for fun, including fictional ones like Sindarin, Valyrian or Klingon. I tried Japanese but I finally gave up due to the f*king kanjis . Now I am learning modern Greek with Duolingo.
  4. It is posible to gain weight very fast in short periods, like 10 pounds in a week or 20 in a month but on the long run it's very hard to gain more than 10 pounds per month.
  5. I love girls licking ice cream
  6. It's in Spanish. The blonde swells up like a balloon due to somoe kind of food allergy. A bit exaggerated.
  7. In this picture Ia'el Jolie looks like posing for the Curvage Logo
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