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  1. Halloween Update: So the past few days have been a whirlwind. Starting with Friday, I went over to her place to carve pumpkins with her roomies. Before the main event we went out for sushi and ice cream, and she easily out ate me. It was funny because I wasn’t even trying to get her to eat more, and I was legitimately left with getting far less food (which I’m not complaining about in the slightest). When she got to the last bite she said, “This is going to put me over the edge.” Me: “You don’t have to finish it you know? Could save room for cookies later.” She winked at me, “There is always room for cookies,” then proceeded to eat the last roll. Needless to say she was stuffed after that dinner but then proceeded to munch mindlessly on pumpkin seeds and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies once we got home. I couldn’t tell you how many she had, but whenever she went back for more cookies she always made sure to grab the biggest one. At one point during the end of her snacking session, one of her friends asked if anyone wanted to split a cookie with her. My girl obviously is the first to chime in saying yes, and takes the larger half of the split. Something about her greediness in that moment really excited me hah. On top of that, she kept teasing me in the kitchen while we were baking. She’d relax her belly in front of me, and occasionally press it up against me when no one was looking. After all that food she, of course, had to close out the night with bedside ice cream and chocolate. By the end of it, she was so full she couldn’t even move. We ended up fooling around and she kept drawing more focus to her distended belly, even asking me to rub her down in oil. She later told me that she really likes all the attention around her belly, and that being full is something that is becoming very sexual for her. (Which blew my mind hah). We also went out Saturday night, which was less eventful than we both would’ve hoped, but good lord her costume had my jaw on the floor. I went as a Gardner and she went as a sunflower. The outfit she chose for this included a short white skirt that was squeezed her belly leaving a nice muffin top and a yellow button down crop top that she was nearly popping out of all night. And when I mean popping out of, I mean her breasts and belly were putting a strain on the fabric, hah. It’s a wonder the buttons held as long as they did. We didn’t end up smoking so she didn’t eat as much as normal (which is usually a lot), but the entire time we were dancing she kept moving my hands to her stomach and would always motion for me to squeeze her as we were dancing. She did end up getting pretty ** at one point and we stopped and got breakfast burritos on the way home. She ordered an extra large bacon and egg burrito saying “I’ll probably just eat the rest for breakfast tomorrow.” She ended up scarfing down the entire thing as we watched Netflix in bed, and topped it off with two large chocolate bars. Needless to say, I think my girl is really leaning into the kink. Sadly there probably won’t be any new big updates for a week or so since I’m headed out of town on a business trip, but I can almost expect to hear about her solo stuffings while I’m away haha.
  2. Yesterday was quite an experience. For starters I hadn’t seen my girl in a few days and for some reason she just seemed heavier. Her face is where I first noticed the gains, her cheeks are just generally looking chubbier. But the really stellar part was the fact that she was basically popping out of her clothes. She had on this super tight crop top that she basically couldn’t keep over her belly, and a floral skirt that could hardly contain her either. No matter what she did she’d always have a bit of her pudge sticking out, and it didn’t seem to bother her much. To celebrate my new gig we went out to this super fancy Mediterranean restaurant. She also has started a little food blog, so we splurged and ordered two appetizers and three main dishes, as well as a cider and a beer. Our order was as follows: -One baguette with garlic butter -Garlic Butter Shrimp -Fried Pork Belly with egg and potatoes -Weiner Schnitzel with a side salad -Lamb Shank with mashed potatoes and asparagus -a large order of Crème Brûlée …And she ate the large majority of it. At one point she told me to eat more because she was scarfing all of it down, and I said nah I’m good. Her response: “More for me then 😉.” Of course right after this phenomenal meal she wants gelato so I order her a large with three scoops. And it’s funny because everytime we’ve gone into this place we’ve been served by the same girl. After we leave, my girl says, “haha it’s embarrassing that we go out for ice cream everytime we hang out” My response, “Oh? Well I can stop buying you ice cream then.” Her, “No, don’t stop.” Later that night after a power nap we made a peace cobbler which she ate a healthy portion of. Needless to say she was stuffed out of her mind. She’s got a bit of a double belly, and both of her rolls were sooo swollen. Ontop of that I noticed her boobs are getting bigger, each one is about the size of my face rn, hah. And her ass is also getting softer, as she can barely fit in her pajama bottoms at this point. We had a conversation that night about the whole weight gain thing and she said: “I only don’t want to do it intentionally, I mean the way I eat it’s gonna happen anyway, so it is what it is.” haha so yeah, I think I can expect more gains in the future.
  3. Hah that’s a really good point. It’s funny that you say that though, as it reminds me of a text conversation we had yesterday. I was buying her lunch (because I like to do that from time to time), and I mentioned how I like to spoil her. The conversation basically went like: Me: “I’m glad you don’t see me as a bad influence” Her: “Hahaha you? No, never” Me: “Haha that’s good, especially considering im always encouraging you to indulge” Her: “I know and I like it 😏” So yeah I think she’s fully aware and is really enjoying it all. Going out for a big Italian dinner tonight to celebrate a new job tonight so we’ll see how that goes hah, we already have plans to get gelato after lol.
  4. Update time for those interested: So it's been exactly a month since my last update, and it's safe to say that my girl is definitely a feedee at heart, even if she may not fully realize it yet. Just yesterday she told me her dream would be to sit at home all day and just eat and eat. Additionally, she's been wearing more and more clothing that shows of her belly, partly because she knows I like it but also because I think she enjoys the attention I give her when she does. For instance, yesterday we went to the zoo and she wore the tightest red crop top and a pair of leggings that simply could not contain her belly. There were plenty of moments when her entire belly was just out as we walked around the zoo. Of course, she wasn't too fond of the walking so we took plenty of snack breaks. Afterwards I took her out for bbq and she ordered a two-person plate for herself, she nearly finished the entire thing on her own, leaving only a few scraps of meat. (That's not to mention that she was eating off of my plate as well.) The entire time her shirt kept riding up higher and higher, and by the end of it she couldn't help but rub her own belly in the middle of the restaurant. Of course, she was craving gelato after dinner so I obliged, then she proceeded to take a two hour nap. When she woke up, she was craving more gelato, so I took her out a second time, and also stopped for appetizers and drinks at this local bar (she basically ate both plates on her own). Needless to say she was completely stuffed afterwards, yet that still didn't stop her as she ate her leftover bbq, a large packet of m&ms, a peach, and some strawberries. Things of course got hot and heavy, which now involves a lot of belly play and jiggling which she thoroughly enjoys. At some point in the middle of it she said how much me stuffing her and playing with her belly turns her on, which was quite a nice surprise. And as a cherry on top, she woke up the next morning starving and I took her out to a nice brunch where she proceeded to eat a plate of eggs benedict with tri-tip and basically half of my breakfast sandwich. During this morning feast, she proceeded to show me that the pants she was wearing were too tight, and in order to sit down had to unbutton them. (I can't be certain whether that was for me, but it definitely drove me mad). So suffice to say, I think my girlfriend is definitely embracing feedism with open arms, even if she doesn't want to actively gain. Can keep ya'll updated if you'd like, but at this point it feels pretty certain that my girl is at least a closeted feedee. Not sure if she'd ever be comfortable with sharing pics, but who knows, I never thought things would ever progress this far either haha.
  5. Thanks all for the great advice! I think the slow and steady approach is smart too. And to clarify she honestly enjoys everything about the fetish, but I think she is struggling to separate her body image from the fact that she enjoys it a lot. Just the other day she had mentioned that she was embarrassed by how much she enjoyed me rubbing her belly. She even lets me take videos and pics of her playing with her belly, but I think is still hesitant to do it herself without me there. So I guess it’s just a process of getting her more and more comfortable with it.
  6. Hi all, So I posted on here a few weeks back about introducing my girlfriend to this fetish. She’s already naturally obsessed with food and has put on a significant amount of weight over the past year but is still pretty confident in her body. Over the past few months of dating I’ve fully disclosed my ** tendencies with her and she’s been rather cool with it. The only thing that she’s been iffy on is the whole purposeful weight gain thing which is something I wouldn’t want to press on someone anyway. But everything else I’ve mentioned she’d be into, such as force feeding and stuffings. Since bringing my fetish up to her she’s slowly started getting more and more into it, going so far as to hand feed her in public and doing small stuffings. I guess my question is, how do I initiate the more “advanced” feeding activities without coming off as overly aggressive or weird. Any suggestions??
  7. Honestly sounds a lot like my current situation haha. I mean in my case, I told my girl what I was into right away, and she’s been gravitating towards it more and more, to the point where we’re starting to do deliberate stuffings. Your girl may not be a feeder per say, but more so someone who might naturally become one. Granted every person is different, but I find being up front about what you’re into is probably the healthiest way to tackle it imo. Better to be honest about what you’re into and feeling than keep it a secret.
  8. Idk that sounds pretty interesting imo. I would say the kink is different for each person but it’d be nice to have some explanatory content to counteract all the negative context out there. I say go for it!
  9. Yeah definitely feeling lucky rn having found someone who is casual about it. I mean she’s confessed about being into everything but the weight gain bit. However, she said just by the way she eats she’s bound to gain weight and has no problem if I find that attractive, as she kinda gets it herself. I think her main concern is just gaining intentionally, which I can understand. Also quick aside, she broke her first piece of furniture the other day. We were at her place and she was sitting in a hammock chair which snapped under her weight. She was upset at first, but quickly got over it and went on to eat a few danishes and a whole family bag of chips. (This was after having a pretty big meal at a local Mexican food **).
  10. They were the regular kind that sit under the belly. She managed to hike them up a bit to cover her belly hang, but it was a struggle, and once we got in the water she just let it all out. Then again, it was hard to contain on land as well. 😉 She has a pretty significant belly hang too, and based on the way she's been eating its only going to get bigger.
  11. Bit of a greedy girlfriend update. She’s been leaning more and more into the whole feedism kink over the past week. She confessed to me how much she likes her belly being played with, and has been eating with full abandon. Yesterday, for instance, I met her at the beach with some friends and she was wearing a bikini that hardly fit. She was practically popping out of her top, and her belly kept flopping out of her bottoms. When I showed up she had a already eaten through almost all of their snacks, and was already hungry for more. (She ate through half a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, a bag of beef jerky, a sub sandwich and a bag of Cheetos). She even let me rub her bloated belly out on the beach in front of everyone (was very subtle, but she and I knew what was happening.) Later that same day we went and got bucca di beppo with some friends, and she nearly finished half a three person serving of fried ziti on her own, as well as a large Thai iced tea (500 calories in that alone). She then went on to eat a entire loaf of banana bread and two bowls of ice cream as we watched a movie with friends. Needless to say she was practically busting out of the bootie shorts she had on. She covered her belly up with a big sweater but it was very obvious that she was stuffed out of her mind. Whenever she got up to get more food she’d wink at me. Ontop of all that, today I sent her a box of cookies to her work and she ate most of all of them on her own. Needless to say, even if she isn’t actively trying to gain, I feel like it is happening anyway, and I hardly even have to try to encourage her. Will definitely update as things progress.
  12. Long time lurker, first time poster (well maybe not really), and I wanted to share about my growing girlfriend who seems to be leaning more and more into feedism. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months and I opened up to her about my kink for weight gain and feedism quite early on in our relationship, and she was honestly quite open to it. Her one gripe was around purposefully gaining weight out of health concerns but admitted that she understood why it was so arousing. She’s also quite a greedy eater and recognizes that she’ll probably gain weight anyway just naturally. Anyway, since telling her about everything she’s really leaned into her appetite. Every time we go out to eat she always orders extra for herself and even eats some off of my plate if I order something she’s into. For instance, when we went out to brunch the other day she ate eggs Benedict, a order of banana chocolate pancakes, some of my chicken and waffles and we even stopped for ice cream after. She even admitted to liking the whole belly play thing, but didn’t quite enjoy looking at it (if that makes any sense). She’s also very aware that she’s not small by any means. She’s 5’9 and if I could guess around 190-200 pounds, with her weight pretty focused on her thighs, chest and belly. Her go to outfits typically involve crop tops and tight skirts, so she’s fairly confident in her appearance but I think gets self conscious when it comes to seeing herself as fat. We haven’t done any deliberate stuffings yet, and I’ve been hesitant to push anything after telling her about feedism but we’ll see how this plays out long term. I guess I’m curious what you guys think. Think she’ll eventually get more comfortable with the kink or am I overthinking things?
  13. You make a really good point, and it’s something I’ve tried to reveal relatively early on in relationships for that exact reason. If they’re still into you after you’ve told them, then I think you’re in a good spot.
  14. I admitted it to my girlfriend of just a few months, and she took it surprisingly well. Was into every aspect of the fetish except for the weight gain thing, but understood where I was coming from. So definitely couldn’t have gone better. I am curious how long people tend to wait before telling a partner. I like to rip off the bandaid right away, better to not waste anyone’s time. Unsure what everyone else’s opinion is on this.
  15. She is 100% that, and she's aware of it too and has no issue with it, which is certainly a bonus. Actually just stocked our fridge with all sorts of ice cream, chocolates and junk snacks, so we'll see if it plays any role in her diet, hah. Funny enough she asked me to stock our house with more junk food, guess she hated not having something to snack on. So still unsure whether she's indulging for herself or indulging for me, then again, I don't have a problem with either.
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