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  1. I was torn between sex life and modelling, but if Kat's involved, I might have to go with sex life...
  2. That gut being empty, is hard to believe! Now, the starving thing, is more understandable, I bet you're always hungry at this point.
  3. And does it show! It's becoming hard to hide just how much of a hefty cow you've become. Even sucked in you probably look massive! Only one? Nah, this can't be enough to fill up that bottomless pit of a gut! We need to get you more donuts STAT!
  4. Oh man, all three of you in the same video? That would be freaking AWESOME. 😍
  5. Well, like others have said, I love the look and feel of the softness. There's more to squeeze and rub and hold and fondle and more is always better, right? And I think part of it is how the lifestyle seems more in line with mine. I'm personally a bit of a foodie and a big guy myself (I think I could become more of a feedee/mutual gain if I was with a partner I loved and trusted), having a partner who loves food just as much if not more is just something I gel with more, I think.
  6. Wow, you do look STUFFED. You're really starting to let your gluttony take over now -- I get the feeling that this is going to happen more and more often...
    Great vid! Jennie does such a good job feeding her mistress, and Candice is very sexy gulping all that fattening shake. 😍
    Love this video! GGG's gotten freaking HUGE lately and it's incredible seeing her just chug all this gainer shake down. By the way, since you asked, I went and did the math, and all that shake equals 2,860 calories.
  7. I think that will be a great time to celebrate! There should be plenty of cake involved.
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