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  1. Feeling heavier than ever 😮💨




  2. You've been watching their jiggles, now you want some of your own 😍 




  3. Fat camp has certainly changed since last time 😅🐷




  4. You could not believe your eyes... is this a dream or real life 😍




  5. Their growing belly won't leave your mind... you need to know how grow too 😍 




  6. You never expected to enjoy seeing someone get fat… but you can’t help but feel yourself salivate at the very sight 


  7. Mutual gaining wasn’t what you expected when you visited your friends…


  8. Given permission to let go and given hauls of food? 🐷 we love fat camp! 😍




  9. You were starting to feel envy for the way they jiggled.... you must feel it too! You must ask them how 😍 




  10. Being fat was always THEIR thing but now you want to make its yours too... Better off to learn form the best right? 




  11. You never realised how desperate your friends desire for mutual gaining was…


  12. I’m heavy, right? You can’t even handle my weight anymore! 🤣 But don’t you just love how much better i look HUGE?


  13. Your friend might be a closet feeder… Their tips on getting fatter and gaining shock you 🤭


  14. You never world have expected this...




  15. You want to be fat like your Aussie friend. You haven't been able to get their gains off your mind. You must know how they do it. You need to be fat like them! Clip contains: Aussie feedee friend, mutual gaining roleplay, pov captions, fat and gaining chat! You always see them enjoying their fatness and overindulging in food. You dream of being as big as them, to feel the jiggle and sway of all the excess weight! So one day you conjure up the courage to ask them how its done. They warn you though... that once they reveal their methods and secrets there will be no going back. You have to be committed. You tell them it's all you've been dreaming of. And so begins their lesson on gluttony! There are two major areas of focus, being the mindset and the food. They go into detail about the mind shift transformations you will have to make in order to get to your desired out come. As well as telling you all the food habits you must adopt to get to their huge size and level of gluttony. The lesson ends up being very informative and when it's over your friend offers you to take a look at what could be yours soon. You've never seen their whole belly before and you're in shock and awe. You need this more than anything! If you enjoyed me sure to let us know with a review 🩷
  16. You must feel all my new weight coming down on you 😍 




  17. The process of getting this big thing contained is a tiring one! 😮💨




  18. After all my recent gluttony my belly has never been able to bounce so good 😍 




  19. With each sip I expand more and more 😍 want to come see me at my biggest? 




  20. Just in! The results of this month's gluttony 😳 





  21. All this gluttony definitely has something to show for itself! First ever belly pics vs most recent 😯





  22. Maybe my gluttony has gone too far... I only got these shorts a month ago, and it's shocking to realise that when I did they were loose! I was wearing a belt with them but soon after that was ditched for being too tight... and now the shorts are slowly shrinking too! With my big belly spilling over my lap I show off my glorious gains! I then show you the struggle of getting my overly round belly contained in them! I also play with all the overhang spilling over the top! 😍 [no talking] I can't wait to see the buttons break and the stitches split while I become even bigger! 🐷
  23. We were burping the whole way home! Maybe soon we try for two? 😏




  24. After a month of stuffing the results are in! I'm bigger than ever 😳 in this POV I show you all my delightful new gains. My belly has grown so much my shorts and button up shirt can barely keep it contained. I begin by playing with the huge overspill of belly on top of my shorts. I then begin to reveal the rest of my endless growing belly. I'm in awe of how far out it reaches and just how round its getting. I slap my belly and some moans escape due to all the excitement of my new growth. When I become so overwhelmed by my growth I begin to bounce up and down feeling the sheer velocity of it. I begin to ride and bounce with my big belly, fully loving and enjoying all my new fatness!😍 [no talking] Come enjoy it with me? 🤤 If you enjoyed we would love to hear about it in a review 💓
  25. When Mcdonalds gives you a new deal on gluttony everyday of the month true fatties can't possibly say no! 





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