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    when you take 3 of the hottest women on the planet and do a video it be a masterpiece and a joy for the eyes and other part of the body
    so hot to see Candice moaning and gets so much pleasure from eating fattening foods and that LA trip really did her body good lookin bigger then ever, someone is really enjoy butter ❤️
    I love public stuffings! so hot to see Candice eating so much she has to unbutton her jeans in a crowded place and to see her eat meal after meal with fattening foods. maybe another one in the future with something more comfartable to wear
    the more, the mierrier! hot girls getting inspections by the the drop dead gorgeous Fat boss Candice in her amazing looking bikini, check this clip out!!
    gorgeous women with gorgeous voices getting fatter together ❤️
    this video is so hot!! can't wait for more and more pounds on jennie after pushing more and more into her
    I agree with you Jennie! C and J is the hottest couple in the feederism community and you 2 have the perfect symbiotic relationship with sub/dom, amazing to watch every time
    the chemistry between jennie and Candice are amazing! perfect roleplay and lovely kissing, and wooooow! Candice is lookig hot Af with those glasses
    I love funneling videos! and you 2 are so so hot ❤️ amazing to see!!!
  1. ohh, I thought the last post was a morph!!?? 😮 wow! you look amazing ❤️
  2. you are an extra extra superamazing person with the most lovely personality and your presence makes everything brighter
    2:25 min in is the hottest ive seen those 2 superhot women do on these many collabs 😍 a superhot video!!
    Best dynamic ive ever seen! perfect amazing hot boddies, playing with eachother! every new clip just gettng hotter with each pound! stunning as always
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