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  1. Shoutout to the fattest and hottest egirl on Curvage @whismic 🔥 God Damn her recent gains are hot 

  2. Want to say that proud I am of @whismic and your growth this past year. You are a star who’s shine gets brighter each day you keep going.

    “A raising tide lifts all ships” I believe this and see great things coming for you 

  3. Who is your go to fat girl when looking for eating videos?

  4. Mad love 

    1. rachhole


      Thank you so much 🥰

  5. Happy Birthday Flames GIF
    Happy Easter Curvage 

  6. Where are the real sloppy eaters at? The girls that get covered in the food they’re devouring?

    1. mad dawg

      mad dawg

      Now that’s fucking hot 

  7. you+me+a pile of pancakes=???

  8. Raise your hand if you’re a fat girl looking to be stuffed 😚

  9. Looking for a feedee 

    1. Guest


      Hi! I’m a feedee 😋

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